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Pease 1987

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Date: 5 July 1987

Made by:


151046/QG-00	A-4E		VMA-131			NAS Willow Grove
162964/17	AV-8B		VMA-542			MCAS Cherry Point
78-0641/CT*	A-10A		103TFG/118TFS MA ANG
79-0165/CT*	A-10A		103TFG/118TFS CT ANG
78-0692/NY	A-10A		174TFW/138TFS NY ANG
57-6510		B-52G		42BW/69BS		Loring AFB
68-0222		C-5A		436MAW			Dover AFB
64-0452		C-130E		317TAW			Pope AFB
66-0177		C-141B		63MAW			Norton AFB
63-8080		C-141B		438MAW			McGuire AFB
68-0495/MY	F-4E		347TAW/70TFS		Moody AFB
161860/AE-203	F-14A		VF-31			NAS Oceania
81-0779/HL	F-16A		388TFW/421TFS		Hill AFB
82-0935/HL	F-16A		388TFW/421TFS		Hill AFB
57-2467/04	F-106A		102FIW/101FIS MA ANG
59-0049		F-106A		177FIG/119FIS NJ ANG
67-0100/MO	F-111A		366TFW/391TFS		Mtn. Home AFB
67-7195		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
68-0272		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
69-6508		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
66-0019/MO	EF-111A		366TFW/390ECS		Mtn. Home AFB
86-0030		KC-10A		68ARW			Seymour Johnson AFB
59-1499		KC-135E		157ARG/133ARS NH ANG
59-1448		KC-135E		157ARG/133ARS NH ANG
59-1450*	KC-135E		157ARG/133ARS NH ANG
160578/NL-707	S-3A		VS-29			NAS North Island
70-16428	UH-1H		US Army
66-16239	UH-1V		NH NG
1472		HH-3F		USCG			CGAS Cape Cod
158774		UH-1N		nn
158775		UH-1N		nn
158777		UH-1N		nn
These last 3 UH-1N's brought Vice President and Mrs Bush in.

1x		FB-111A

* = Also flying

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