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Pease 2000

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Date: 5 August 2000

Made by:


78-0683/MD	A-10A		175FW  104FS            
77-0113/MA      F-15A           102FW  101FS           
79-0050/EG      F-15C           33FW   60FS
80-0051/EG      F-15C           33FW   60FS
85-1427/LF      F-16C           56FW   61FS         
85-1435/LF      F-16C           56FW   61FS         
86-0228/VA      F-16C           192FW  149FS          
86-0229/VA      F-16C           192FW  149FS          
68-0219         C-5A            439AW  337AS          
74-1667         C-130H          317AG  39AS         
66-0192         C-141B          305AMW
58-0068		KC-135E         126ARW 108ARS  "Belleville Bob"
63-8038		KC-135R         157ARW 133ARS
62-3515		KC-135R         157ARW 133ARS  "Shoog"
93-0363/CB	T-1A            14FTW  48FTS
157033/A-968	T-2C		VT-9
1x		UH-60		Demo
149508/BH-BOB	KC-130F		VMGR-252
....../LK-004	P-3C		VP-26 AIP Mod (161004 or 163004?)

In hangars:
57-1465		KC-135E   	Tenn ANG  
58-0098         KC-135R         NH ANG  

Flying only:
2x		A-10A		Whiteman

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