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Pensacola 1995

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Date: 11 November 1995

Made by:


114142                CT-114       2 CFFTS
85-0028               KC-10A       305th AMW
89-0514               AC-130U      4th SOS
69-0273/WW            F-4G         190th FS ID ANG
80-0031/EG            F-15C        59th FS
80-0605, 82-1019      F-16A ADF    186th FS MT ANG
72-21146              OH-58A       1-111th AVN FL NG
87-0463               AH-64A       1-111th AVN FL NG
93-0630/LB            T-1A         64th FTW/52nd FTS
59-0345/LB            T-37B        64th FTW "35 FTS"
71-1405/RA            CT-43A       12th FTW
37970                 D-558        Museum
92246/86              F4U          Museum
16278/7               FM2          Museum
55052/15              FM2          Museum/wreck
77141/UH-2            JD1          Museum, "446928"
83479/H-212           SB2C-5       Museum
132532/AF-810         EA-1F        Museum, VAW-33
156923/A-723          TA-4J        CTW-1
156624/AJ-601         RA-5C        Museum, RVAH-6
162204/NG-501         A-6E         VA-165
158650/NJ-651         EA-6B        VAQ-129
156804/027            A-7E         Museum
164487/NE-602         E-2C         VAW-116
155722/NJ-850         TC-4C        Museum?, VA-128
126673/MW-2           F2H-2P       Museum, VMJ-1
126419/NG-201         F2H-3        Museum, VF-92
124598/WF             F3D-2        Museum
123050/M-311          F9F-2        Museum, VF-151
163896/AD-104         F-14D        VF-101
159864/NH-100         F-14A        VF-213
160915/NH-115         F-14A        VF-213
163572/AD-23          F-16N        Museum, VF-45
162859/AF-02          F/A-18A      VFC-12
161943/7              F/A-18B      Blue Angels
164769/BJ-546         MH-53E       HM-14
162065/E-101          TH-57C       TAW-5
164808/HQ-476         SH-60B       HSL-46
163285/AR-114         SH-60F       HS-1
160284/LL-17          P-3C         VP-30
160768/LU-768         P-3C         VP-64
151647/AW-334         S-2E         Museum, VS-73
160158/NH-700         S-3A         VS-29
160123/NH-703         S-3A         VS-29
160134/NG-703         S-3B         VS-33
156713/F-826          T-2C         VT-10
162262/F-68           T-34C        VT-4
N305NT/F-03           T-39N        VT-86
163602/B-202          T-45A        TW-2
2122                  HU-25        USCG Mobile
6556                  HH-65A       USCG Mobile
EII-140               A6M          Museum, Japan
343-19/A              N1K2-J       Museum, Japan
N39WR                 PT-17        Civil
"112121"              SNJ6         Museum
N157ZL                T-34B        "144048/BC107"
N217FE                B727-2S2F    FedEx
N44V                  C-47         USAir historic fl

Flightline parking area:
80-0173/DM 80-0204/DM OA-10A       355th Wg
82-0014/FF            F-15C        71st FS
83-0023/FF            F-15C        94th FS
151891                TC-130G      Blue Angels
160909/AD-137         F-14A        VF-101
159836/AD-240         F-14A        VF-101
144013                T-44B        escape trainer
N99642                F-4U-1D      "92468/13"
N661FE                A300F4-605R  FedEx

Flightline near museum hangar:
161962, 161963        F/A-18A      Blue Angels

T-2C  VT-10  'F':
156712/803, 158586/805, 157044/812, 158312/822
159727/825, 158908/828

T-34C VT-4   'F':
160958/53, 160488/54, 160493/56, 160469/58
160486/59, 161830/60, 162253/62, 160500/63
162294/64, 162628/65, 162626/66, 162642/67
162268/70, 162269/71, 162270/72, 162271/73
162272/74, 162273/75, 162274/76, 162275/77
162276/78, 162278/80, 162279/81, 160529/82
162281/83, 162283/85, 162284/86, 162285/87
162286/88, 162287/89, 160497/93, 160463/96

T-39N VT-86  'F':
N301NT/01, N302NT/02, N303NT/03, N304NT/04
N306NT/06, N307NT/07, N308NT/08, N309NT/09
N313NT/13, N314NT/14, N316NT/16

Museum store:
63-9737/N61549      C-7A        151268        UH-1E
46602/45-P-3        PBY-5A      152201/HT-042 SH-2F
158490/B-141        TA-4J       151687/GX-32  CH-53A
151826/22           KA-6D       141234/6      SP-2H
136754              C-1A        ......        T-33B
148146/AE-711       E-1B        141561        ZPG-2
150540/ND-013       E-2B        N428NA/148276 NP-3A
85-24370/24/N61666  Beech 65

148977/F-401          UH-3H        Pensacola SAR

Hangar parking area:
161505/F              UC-12B       NAS Pensacola
149718/F-400          UH-3H        Pensacola SAR
148986/F-402          UH-3H        Pensacola SAR

Hangar Blue Angels:
F/A-18A               161952       Blue Angels
F/A-18B               161932/7     Blue Angels
158318/F-814          T-2C         CTW-6
159165/F-820          T-2C         CTW-6

Hangar CTW-6:
T-34C    VT-4   'F':
160268/48, 162288/61, 162639/69, 162277/79
162282/84, 160639/90, 162629/91, 162648/92
162645/94, 164161/95

T-39N    VT-86  'F':
N310NT/10, N311NT/11, N317NT/17

......                F-11         Blue Angels gate
158583/F-829          T-2C         pres. on base
150985/F-00           T-39D        pres. on base

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