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Pensacola 1999

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Date: 13 November 1999

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63-8023		KC135R		97th AMW                           
64-0572		MC130E	        919th SOW                          
64-13271/BB	T38A	        9th RW	                       
64-13412/XL	T37B	        47th FTW	               
65-10373/HO	T38A	        49th FW	                       
67-14939/HO	T38A	        49th FW	                       
68-8177/HO	T38A	        49th FW	                       
68-8204/HO	T38A	        49th FW	                       
69-5822		MC130P	        353rd SOG                      
72-1128/HO	F4F	        49th FW	                       
79-0144/NO	A10A	        926th FW	               
81-0826/HO	F117A	        49th FW	                       
81-10798/HO	F117A	        49th FW	                       
82-0653/NO	OA10A	        926th FW	               
84-0137		C21A	        375th AW                       
85-0032		KC10A	        305th AMW                          
85-0069		B1B	        184th BW	"Home Improvement" 
88-0476/HL	F16C	        388th FW	           
90-0402/XL	T1A	        47th FTW	           
91-0097/XL	T1A	        47th FTW	           
93-0651/XL	T1A	        47th FTW	           
35087	        PBJ-1D	        Preserved       
51849	        SNJ-5C	        Preserved       
77141	        JD-1	        Preserved       
131230	        F9F-8	        Preserved       
132532	        EA1F	        Preserved       
148977/F-401    UH3H	        Base Flt.	           
148986/F-402    UH3H	        Base Flt.	           
149005/NW-617   SH3H	        HS-75	                   
149718/F-400    UH3H	        Base Flt.	           
150540	        E2B	        JSTTC              
150985	        T39D	        Preserved          
151647	        S2E	        Preserved          
151713	        E2B	        JSTTC              
156624	        RA5C	        Preserved          
156710/F-806    T2C	        CTW-6    	              
156730/F-802    T2C	        CTW-6   	              
157050/F-814    T2C	        CTW-6    	              
158094	        TA4J	        Preserved       
158327/F-807    T2C	        CTW-6   	              
158490	        TA4J	        Preserved       
158583	        T2C	        Preserved       
158844/F-19     CT39G	        CTW-6   	              
158899/F-809    T2C	        CTW-6   	              
159254	        AV8C	        JSTTC           
159365/F-20     CT39G	        CTW-6  		              
160397	        F14A	        JSTTC           
160500/F-63     T34C	        CTW-6   	              
160510/F-97     T34C	        CTW-6    	           
160639/F-90     T34C	        CTW-6   	           
160693	        F14A	        JSTTC           
160776	        YF18A	        JSTTC           
160958/F-53     T34C	        CTW-6	                      
160965/AF-31    F5F	        VFC-13  	              
161125/LV-66    P3C-II	        VP-66    		           
161313/7M       UC12B	        N.Island B. Flt.              
161611	        F14A	        JSTTC           
161882/RM-01    EA6B	        VMAQ-4  	              
161952	        F/A18A	        JSTTC           
161983/3    	F/A18A	        Blue Angel
162271/F-73     T34C	        CTW-6   	              
162272/F-74     T34C	        CTW-6                
162275/F-77     T34C	        CTW-6                
162278/F-80     T34C	        CTW-6   	            
162510/BT-13    MH53E	        HM-15	             
162698/AJ-200   F14A	        VF-14   	            
162913/AC-100   F14B	        VF-32   	            
163612/B-212    T45A	        TW-2    	            
163624/B-224    T45A	        TW-2    	            
163635/B-235    T45A	        TW-2    	            
165185/AC-310   F/A18C	        VFA-37	             
165509/F-01     T39N	        CTW-6   	            
165510/F-02     T39N	        CTW-6                
165513/F-05     T39N	        CTW-6   	            
165515/F-07     T39N	        CTW-6                
....../1        F/A18A	        Blue Angel     
....../2        F/A18A	        Blue Angel     
....../4        F/A18A	        Blue Angel     
....../5        F/A18A	        Blue Angel     
....../6        F/A18A	        Blue Angel     
??	        C130	        "Fat Albert"       
44+20	        Tornado
43779	        SNJ-5		N3645F
43924	        SNJ-5		N777AP
122179	        F4U-5		N179PT
138119	        T28B		N119RT
144104	        T28B		N234MC
49-03256	T6G		N7487C

Pensacola Airport:
91-0078/XL	T1A		47th FTW
91-0081/XL	T1A		47th FTW
160522/E-522    T34C		TW-5    
165087/A-108    T45C		TW-1    

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