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Point Mugu 1993

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Date: 24 October 1993

Made by: Ben Uffen


114011/9                CT114           Snowbirds
114041/10               CT114           Snowbirds
114052/5                CT114           Snowbirds
114075/3                CT114           Snowbirds
114076/4                CT114           Snowbirds
114078/1                CT114           Snowbirds
114080/6                CT114           Snowbirds
114094/8                CT114           Snowbirds
114100/7                CT114           Snowbirds
114108/2                CT114           Snowbirds
114115/-                CT114           Snowbirds
114188/11               CT114           Snowbirds
114190          	CT114           2CFFTS
133174/N99195   	CT133           Ex CF
188702          	CF18A           410Sqn
58-0242/MO              B52G            34BS
87-0028         	C5B             60AW
61-2358         	C130E           115ALS
62-1833         	C130E           115ALS
62-1846         	C130E           109ALS
62-1862         	C130E           115ALS
88-0443/HL              F16C            421FS
88-0488/HL              F16C            421FS
88-0493/LF              F16C            311FS
88-0511/LF              F16C            311FS
59-0296/LB              T37B            64FTW
59-0324/FC              T37B            92WG
67-14848/LB             T38A            64FTW
53-1186/FU-186  	F86F            N186JC
49-1540/TL-540  	T28A            NX99395
142667/N576HA   	NRA3B           s/n 11730
154173/NJ-622   	A4F             VF-126
158490/B-141    	TA4J            TW-2
156787/81               TA7C            NAWC
161202/7L               UC12B           Hangar
163847          	RC12M           Hangar
150465/40               QF4N            NAWC
158623/224              F14A            Hangar
163413/XF-50    	F14D            VX-4
164599/XF-54    	F14D            VX-4
164604/XF-1             F14D            VX-4
163415/201              NF14D           NAWC
161715/ND-404   	F/A18A  	VFA-305 
161717/ND-403   	F/A18A          VFA-305 
161739/ND-413   	F/A18A          VFA-305 
161931/1                F/A18A          B.Angels
161941/2                F/A18A          B.Angels
161957/6                F/A18A          B.Angels
161973/5                F/A18A          B.Angels
161975/3                F/A18A          B.Angels
161984/4                F/A18A          B.Angels
161932/7                F/A18B          B.Angels
162411          	F/A18A          nn      
164221/XF-16    	F/A18C          VX-4    
164867/XF-10    	F/A18C          VX-4    
163991/XF-14    	F/A18D          VX-4    
163798/NW-305   	HH60H           HCS-5
150499/37               RP3A            NAWC
150521/41               RP3A            NAWC
150522/40               RP3A            NAWC
150524/35               RP3A            PMTC
150525/-                RP3A            PMTC
(152738)                RP3D            PMTC
(156508)/PG-01  	P3C             VP-65
(156509)/PG-07          P3C             VP-65
(156512)/PG-02          P3C             VP-65
(156513)/PG-03          P3C             VP-65
(156520)/PG-00          P3C             VP-65
(156524)/PG-04          P3C             VP-65
(156525)/PG-05          P3C             VP-65
(156526)/PG-06          P3C             VP-65
162640/E-955            T34C            TAW-5
162647/E-537            T34C            TAW-5
160845/G-945            T44A            TW-4 
136404/JE               US2B            N5234A
137760/CD               T28A            N128KA
151891          	TC130G  	B.Angels
2121                    HU25A           San Diego
E.14A-6/N606HA  	HA200A  	Ex EdA
23143/N143SG    	Galeb G2        Ex JRV
(591238)/N3159Y 	L29             Ex CL

North side (Channel Islands ANGB):
62-1793 		C130E           115ALS
62-1799 		C130E           115ALS
62-1801 		C130E           115ALS
62-1826 		C130E           115ALS
62-1833 		C130E           115ALS

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