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Point Mugu 1999

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Date: 24 April 1999

Made by: Peter Rolt, Andy Thomson, anonymous

Updated: 4 November 1999

851608             C-31A              Golden Knights 
800325             C-130H             158 AS                 "Savannah" 
79-0210/DM wh      A-10A              355 WG                 "355 WG" 
(163223)/BH-210    NF-14B             NWTS 
(160378)/BH-220    F-14A              NWTS 
(161609)/BH-211    NF-14A             NWTS 
150525/336         RP-3A              NWTSPM 
151473             QF-4J              NWTSPM 
151482/148         QF-4N              NWTSPM 
153011/144         QF-4N              NWTSPM 
153833/110         QF-4S              NWTSPM 
153887/105         QF-4S              NWTSPM 
155524/103         QF-4S              NWTSPM 
155810/102         QF-4S              NWTSPM 
158359/104         QF-4J              NWTSPM 
163416/00          NF-14D             NWTSPM 
6561               HH-65A             USCG                   "Los Angeles" 
164484/601         E-2C               VAW-116 
159397/NF-726      ES-3A              VQ-5 
161862/XF-240      F-14D              VX-9                   Black tail,  Hi-vis C/S 
162591/XF-135      F-14A              VX-9                   Black tail 
163226/XF-241      F-14D              VX-9                    

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