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Point Mugu 2001

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Date: 30 March/1 April 2001

Made by: Scr


85-0080			B-1B		127th BS KS ANG
99-0168			C-17A	        62nd AW        
84-0100			C-21A	        47th AF        
61-2367, 62-1793	C-130E	        115th AS CA ANG
94-8151			C-130J	        815th AS AFRC  
90-0786/LF	        F-16DG	        63rd FS        
84-0826/HO	        F-117A	        9th FS         
59-0382/XL	        T-37B	        47th FTW       
60-0112/VN	        T-37B	        71st FTW       
70-1557/EN	        T-38A	        80th FTW       
165161/RU-161	        C-130T	        VR-55          
165378/RU-378	        C-130T	        VR-55          
164487/NK-600	        E-2C	        VAW-113        
153821/107	        QF-4S	        NWTSPM         
163223/210	        NF-14B	        NWTSPM         
165669/214	        F/A-18F	        NWTSCL         
165346/MS-488	        CH-53E	        HMH-769        
163787/NW-302	        HH-60H	        HCS-5          
161333/PG-333	        P-3C	        VP-65          
(157323)	        P-3C	        VP-65, new c/s
N877RS/77	        NTA-3B	        Dept of Navy   
The BuNo of P-3C 157323 was kindly provided by the crew and was not
visible on the aircraft.

80-0246/DM		A-10A		357th FS "355WG"
82-0662/DM	        OA-10A	        358th FS "355WG"
63-7839		        C-130E	        61st AS         
92-0549		        C-130H	        50th AS         
82-0024/FF	        F-15C	        94th FS         
83-0017/FF	        F-15C	        71st FS         
68-8185/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS         
163495/NJ-312	        F/A-18C	        VFA-125         
164912/NJ-300	        F/A-18C	        VFA-125         
161407/PG-407	        P-3C	        VP-65           
163291/PG-291	        P-3C	        VP-65           
And the Thunderbirds with F-16C/Ds coded 1 - 7.

Flying only:
61-2359			C-130E		115th AS CA ANG
63-7831		        C-130E	        115th AS CA ANG
151482/148#	        QF-4N	        NWTSPM         
155521/114#	        QF-4S	        NWTSPM         
155565/115	        QF-4S	        NWTSPM         
161609/211	        NF-14A	        NWTSPM         
163415/201#	        NF-14D	        NWTSPM         
163989/112	        F/A-18D	        NWTSCL         
165207/111#	        F/A-18C	        NWTSCL         
# = only on 1st April

160992			E-2C		wfu?   
164483/NG-602	        E-2C+	        VAW-112
164494/NK-603	        E-2C+	        VAW-113
163004/PG-004	        P-3C	        VP-65  

161097/603		E-2C		nn      near car parking
165350/RU-350	        C-130T	        VR-55
165379/RU-379	        C-130T	        VR-55 
150521/341$	        NP-3D	        NWTSPM
150522/340$	        NP-3D	        NWTSPM
150524/332#	        NP-3D	        NWTSPM
161332/PG-332#	        P-3C	        VP-65 
$ = only on 31st March
# = only on 1st April

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