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Randolph 1995

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Date: 13 May 1995

Made by:


142805                CT-142       429sq
3802                  F-4F         JG71
80-0173/DM "355WG"    OA-10A       358th FS multi
86-0135/DY            B-1B         9th BS
66-8305               C-5A         68th AS AFRes
84-0189               KC-10A       722nd ARW
84-0143/KS            C-12F        45th AS
86-0454               C-26B        169th FS IL ANG
83-0492               LC-130H      139th AS NY ANG
69-5821               HC-130N      550th SOS
61-0293               KC-135R(RT)  22nd ARW
66-0201               C-141B       452nd AMW AFRes
75-0629/HO "1stGAFTS" F-4E         20th FS
77-0088/JZ            F-15A        122nd FS LA ANG
89-0505/SJ            F-15E        336th FS
88-0431/HL,88-0466/HL F-16C        421st FS
70-2404/CC "523 FS"   F-111F       523rd FS
82-0804/HO            F-117A       7th FS
69-6665               UH-1N        512th SOS
66-14431              MH-53J       551st SOS
81-23646              MH-60G       512th SOS
92-0339/RA            T-1A         99th FTS
92-0627/RA N30010     T-3A         3rd FTS
68-8070/RA            T-37B        559th FTS
64-13259/RA           T-38A        560th FTS
68-8185/HO            T-38A        7th FS
73-1155/RA "558 FTS"  CT-43A       558th FTS
68-10338/BB           U-2R         99th RS
70-16479              UH-1H        D/1-149th AVN
73-21904              OH-58A       D/1-149th AVN
91-26323              UH-60L       D/1-149th AVN
164409                E-6A         VQ-4
161010/LC-010         P-3C         VP-8
156730/F-802          T-2C         VT-4
158586/F-805          T-2C         VT-4
161043/G-731          T-34C        VT-27
160978/G-978          T-44A        VT-31
163641/B-241          T-45A        TW-2
163176/WE-17          AV-8B        VMA-214
163193/WE-19          AV-8B        VMA-214
2111                  HU-25B       CGAS Houston
N25YR "43-27868"      B-25         Confederate AF

114063, 114087        CT-114       2FTS
114090, 114140        CT-114       2FTS
133592                CT-133       nn
188746                CF-18A       nn
3840                  F-4F         JG71
80-0204/DM "355 WING" OA-10A       354th FS multi
63-7808/LK            C-130E       62nd AS
93-1041/LK            C-130H       50th AS
92-0626/RA N3153Z     T-3A         3rd FTS
163227/AA-206         F-14A        VF-103
163638/B-238          T-45A        TW-2
162406/MA-01          F/A-18A      VMFA-112
162467/MA-05          F/A-18A      VMFA-112
158266/MM-..          UH-1N        HML-767

Local T-38As of 12th FTW 560th FTS "RA":
64-13187, 64-13189, 64-13246, 64-13263, 64-13279
64-13283, 65-10317, 65-10343, 65-10390, 65-10404
65-10458, 65-10460, 65-10469, 67-14846, 67-14917
67-14942, 67-14947, 67-14950, 66-4328,  66-4357,
66-4365,  66-8382,  66-4389,  66-8357,  66-8360,
66-8398,  66-8403,  68-8112,  68-8129,  68-8134,
68-8143,  68-8155,  68-8191,  69-7087,  70-1549
and 70-1554 plus two unidentified marked "560 FTS"
and the other as "12 FTW"

84-0126/RA,84-0135/RA C-21A        332nd ALF
84-0138/RA            C-21A        332nd ALF
92-0335/RA            T-1A         99th FTS
65-10336/RA           T-38A        560th FTS
65-10463/RA           T-38A        560th FTS
67-14853/RA           T-38A        560th FTS

Flying only:
88-0330/WM            B-2A         393rd BS

Plus the Thunderbirds with F-16Cs coded 1-7 and F-16D code 8.

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