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Robins 2012

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Robins AFB Airshow
Date: 29-4-2012
79-0105/BD A-10C 47th FS AFRC
69-0006 C-5A 433rd AW AFRC
00-0180 C-17A 62nd AW  
07-27010 C-27J C-27J JCA School  
89-0514 AC-130U stripped fuselage  
99-0106 C-130H 910th AW AFRC
60-0335 KC-135R 91st ARS  
62-4129/OF TC-135W 38th RS  
02-9111/GA E-8C 128th ACCS  
93-01331 C-23C nmk  
87-0204 F-15E stripped fuselage  
91-0303/LN F-15E 48th FW  
91-0376/SW F-16C 20th FW  
90-0842/SW F-16D 55th FS  
95-0048/CB T-1A 48th FTS  
99-0556/CB T-6A 41st FTS  
60-03572 UH-1B pres  
163524/MP-04 AH-1W HMLA-773  
158269/MP-12 UH-1N HMLA-773  
N500EJ C-54R ex USN 90414  
N99FS C-47 ex USAAF 44-92606  
N62163 TB-25J ex USAAF 44-86697  
NX61429 P-51C ex USAAF 42-103645  
413806/DS TF-51D ex 413806  
N367NA T-28A ex Honduras AF 213  
N44953 U-10A ex USAF 62-3603  
08-27011 C-27J C-27J JCA School  
02-8155 C-130J-30 815th AS AFRC  
97-0200/GA E-8C 128th ACCS GA ANG  
09-4177/FF, 09-4179/FF F-22A 1st FW  
162310/BH-310 C-130T VMGR-252  
N104HF UH-1H Sky Soldiers, ex 68-16104  
N766HF AH-1F Sky Soldiers, ex 67-15766  
N939GC CT-133 ex Canada 21306  
F/A-18C of the blue Angels:
163451/1, 163498/2, 163765/3, 163754/4, 162437/5 & 163093/6
Plus an unidentified number 7 F/A-18D.
Logistics Center:
90-0534, 01-0190, 01-0193 C-17A 437th AW  
97-0043 C-17A 729th AS AFRC
02-1105 C-17A 62nd AW  
03-3119 C-17A 183rd AS MS ANG
04-4131 C-17A 6th AS  
87-0031 C-5B 439rd AW  
87-0038 C-5B nmk, bare metal  
84-0027 C-130H 142nd AS DE ANG  
83-0014, 85-0101 F-15C nmk, bare metal  
84-0027/(LN) F-15C 493rd FS  
01-2004/(LN) F-15E 48th FW  
The F-15E also flew during the airshow.


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