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Shaw 1998

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Date: 8/9 August 1998

Made by:


79-0138/FT	A-10A Thunderbolt II	23 FG , 75 FS
82-0664/FT	A-10A Thunderbolt II	23 FG
86-9031		AH-64A Apache		1-151st AVN SC NG
83-2066/DY	B-1B Lancer		"Ole Puss"
69-6580		C-130 Hercules		43 AW , 41 AS
95-0106		C-17A Globemaster III	"Spirit of Bob Hope"
75-0557/OK	E-3B Sentry	
163031		EA-6B Prowler		VMAQ-1
163142/BM-05	F/A-18A Hornet		VMFA-115
163165/BM-..	F/A-18A Hornet		VMFA-115
85-0820/HO	F-117A Nighthawk	49 FW
164351		F-14D Tomcat		VF-2
80-0005/EG	F-15C Eagle		33 FW "Gulf Spirit"
87-0174/SJ	F-15E Strike Eagle	4 WG , 333 FS
..-.905/SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20FW , 79FS "20OG"
..-..../SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20 FW , "55 FS"
91-0361/SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20 FW , 55 FS
91-0363/SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20 FW , 55 FS
91-0382/SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20 FW , 55 FS
91-0384/SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20 FW 
91-0388/SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20 FW
91-0395/SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20 FW
93-0542/SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20 FW , 79 FS
93-0544/SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20 FW , 79 FS
93-0550/SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20 FW , 79 FS
94-4047/SW	F-16CJ Falcon		20 FW , 79 FS "9th Air Force"
72-1151/HO	F-4F Phantom II	
1502		HC-130H Hercules	USCG Elizabeth City
6031		HH-60J Jayhawk		USCG Elizabeth City
85-0033		KC-10A Extender	
62-3573		KC-135R Stratotanker	
81-0947/FT	OA-10A Thunderbolt II	23 FG
68-8026/XL	T-37B Tweet	
1x		T-38 Talon	
2665		UH-60 Blackhawk		SC NG
104850/N104RD	CF-104 Starfighter	Starfighters
104632/N104RB	CF-104D Starfighter  	Starfighters
1x		MiG-15	
1x		F-86 Sabre 		"MiG Mad Marine"	
2x 		T-34	
2x 		T-28	
1x		O-2	

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