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South Weymouth 1992

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Date: 22 August 1992

Made by:


160436/CY-04	EA-6B		VMAQ-2			MCAS Cherry Pt.
158030/MD-01	EA-6B		VMAQ-3			MCAS Cherry Pt.
152599/WK-501	A-6E		VMAaw-224		MCAS Cherry Pt.
82-0663/FT	A-10A		23FW 75FS		Pope AFB
78-0676/FT	A-10A		23FW 75FS		Pope AFB
161499/7Z	UC-12B		Base Flight		NAS S. Weymouth
84-0117		C-21A		Det 1 1401 MAS		Langley AFB
62-1789		C-130E		927AG 63AS		Selfridge ANGB
164107/NJ	E-2C+		VAW-110			NAS Mirimar
82-1049		F-16B		177FG 119FS  NJ ANG
164226/AG-402	F/A-18C		VFA-131			NAS Cecil Field
86-0030/SJ	KC-10A		4WG 911ARS		S. Johnson AFB
56-3606		KC-135E		101ARW 132ARS  ME ANG
155446/ER-08	OV-10D		VMO-1			MCAS New River
....../LY-3	P-3C		VP-92			NAS S. Weymouth
159405/NH-711	S-3A		VS-29			NAS North Island
160143/AG-700	S-3B		VS-31			NAS Cecil Field
155724/AD-576	TC-4C		VA-42			NAS Oceania
160949/F-98	T-34C					NAS Pensacola
161828/E-828	T-34C		TAW-5			NAS Whiting Field
67-22261/OK	T-37B		71FTW 8FTS		Vance AFB
N316NT/F-16	T-39N		VT-10			NAS Pensacola 
160853/G-553	T-44A		VT-28			NAS C. Christi
133333/333	CT-114		Base Flight ?		CFB Bagotville ?
ZA144		VC-10		101sq			RAF Brize Norton
158778/QK-456	UH-1N		HML-771			NAS S. Weymouth
149748/NW-42	SH-2F		HSL-74			NAS S. Weymouth
163060/EN-10	CH-53E		HMH-464			MCAS New River
163053/BJ-540	MH-53E		HM-14			NAS Norfolk
6019		HH-60J		USCG			CGAS Cape Cod
6552		HH-65A		USCG			CGAS Brooklyn ?
12419		CH-124		Canada

....../AB-702	S-3B       	VS-32
....../QK	UH-1N    	HML-771
....../QK	UH-1N    	HML-771
......		F/A-18

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