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South Weymouth 1996

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Date: 8 June 1996

Made by:


12407              CH-124A        12 Wing
133604             CT-133         l/n 434sq
188752             CF-188A        425sq
78-0613/CT         A-10A          118th FS CT ANG
78-0626/MA         A-10A          131st FS MD ANG
84-1294            F-16C          134th FS VT ANG
160436/MD          EA-6B          VMAQ-3
161083/AA-503      A-6E           VA-75
136788/RW          C-1A           'VRC-30'  (N67988)
162177/AC-55       C-2A           VRC-40
161499/7Z          UC-12B         South Weymouth
165348/JW-348      C-130T         VR-62
165349/JW-349      C-130T         VR-62
162615/AA-602      E-2C           VAW-125
163850/AB-603      E-2C           VAW-123
160411/AJ-207      F-14A          VF-14
163215/AA-204      F-14B          VF-103
164604/XF-1        F-14D          VX-9/Det.
164632/AJ-400      F/A-18C        VFA-87
163994/XE-403      F/A-18D        VX-9
164901/XE-402      F/A-18D        VX-9
163930/TV-23       AH-1W          HMLA-167
161908/NW-20       SH-2G          HSL-94
153965/GX-19       CH-46E         HMT-204
157678/GX-11       CH-46E         HMT-204
165115/AJ-614      HH-60H         HS-3
164846/NW-207      HH-60H         HCS-4
160767/LY-767      P-3C           VP-92
160155/NJ-744      S-3B           VS-41
160128/NJ-722      S-3B           VS-41
158908/F-828       T-2C           TW-6
161041/E-041       T-34C          TW-5
165057/B-229       T-45A          TW-2
163656/B-256       T-45A          TW-2
163637/B-237       T-45A          TW-2
163610/B-210       T-45A          TW-2
163624/B-224       T-45A          TW-2
163646/B-246       T-45A          TW-2
2121               HU-25B         Cape Cod
6014               HH-60J         Cape Cod
N57NA              C-47A
N908UP             B727-27C       UPS

163188/WP-27       AV-8B          VMA-223

1x		   AV-8B	  nn
2x		   F-14		  nn
1x		   F/A-18	  nn

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