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Stockton 1998

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Date: 3/4 October 1998

Made by: Mark Whitehead, Ralph

Updated: 21 December 1999

CF-188A            188710/710             410sq "Cougars" Canadian Air Force 
F-16C              88-0476/HL             388FW/ 421FS "Black Widows" 
F-16C              88-0422/HL             388FW/421FS "Black Widows" 
F-16C              88-0501/HL             388FW/421FS "Black Widows" 
S-3B               159399                 VQ-5 NAS North Island 
SH-60B             162105/TY-64           HSL-47 
CH-47D             90-0196 		  
UH-1H              7015816 
C-130E             37851                  192 AS, NV ANG 
HC-130P            660221                 CA ANG 
CH-46E             154855/ML              HMM-764 MCAS El Toro 
F-16C              87-0343/WI             115FW WI ANG 
F-16C              87-0300/WI             115FW WI ANG 
FA-18D             164241/CE-11           VMFA(AW)-225 
HH-60G             26118 
UH-1N              158281/QT-407          HMT-303 
FA-18D             164249/VK-01           VFMA(AW)-121, MCAS Miramar, CA 
AH-1W              163946/QT-444          HMT-303 
CF-188B            188920                 410sq  Canadian Air Force 
CH-53E             161382/52              HMH-465 

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