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Tinker 2005

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Date: 2 July 2005

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86-0116			B-1B		37th BS        
88-0331/WM		B-2A	        393rd BS       
60-0053			B-52H	        96th BS        
84-0133			C-21A	        84th AF        
78-0806			C-130H	        185th AS OK ANG
58-0125			KC-135T	        92nd ARW       
78-0576/OK, 78-0577/OK	E-3B	        964 AACS       
78-0548/FF		F-15C	        27th FS        
83-0017/FF		F-15C	        94th FS        
86-24527		UH-60A	        B/1-108th AVN  
94-0127/VN		T-1A	        32nd FTS       
68-8171/VN		T-38C	        25th FTS       
01-3628/MY		T-6A	        3rd FTS        
164495/AD-622		E-2C+	        VAW-120        
164404-404		E-6B	        VQ-4           
NX60DJ "Zero AI-101"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20473
N217SH			Lim-5		ex Poland 1611
N884TA "248884/TU-43"	T-6G	        ex 49-3190    
N991R			P-51D	        ex 44-74536   
NL1042B "29710"		B-25J	        ex 44-30823   
N4747P "44-33240/IA-N"	P-47D	        ex 44-90368   
N5152D			O-2A	        ex 68-6880    
N5428V			P-51D	        ex 44-73264   
N6763			P-63F	        ex 43-11719   
N9682C			A-26B	        ex 41-39230   

Flightline South:
86-0136/DY		B-1B		28th BS
61-0008			B-52H	        93rd BS
98-0057			C-17A	        62nd AW
78-0549/EG		F-15C	        60th FS
79-0053/EG		F-15C	        58th FS
6x			F-16C		Thunderbirds
2x			F-16D		Thunderbirds

Flying only:
58-0051			KC-135R		465th ARS AFRC

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