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Titusville 1999

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Date: 12 March 1999

Made by: Mark Almond


A-6E                   Bu 162182                    static (Valiant Air Command aircraft) 
A-7A                   Bu 153135                    static (Valiant Air Command aircraft) 
A-10A                  82-0664                      23 FG USAF-ACC FT  marked 23 FG flying 
B-17G                  44-83575/N93012              flying 
B-24J                  44-44052/N224J               flying 
B-25J Mk.III           44-86697/N62163              flying 
TB-25N                 44-30734/N9079Z              flying 
C-47A                  42-100591/N3239T             flying 
DC-3                   N25641                       static 
C-123K                 54-0674                      static 
WC-130H                65-0980                      403 AW AFRC  flying 
C-130H                 85-0040                      908 AW AFRC  flying 
C-131D                 54-2809/N131CW               static 
An-2                   N75AN                        static 
F-86E (CL-13B Mk.6)    52-3711/N30CJ                flying 
F-14A                  Bu 161134                    static (Valiant Air Command aircraft) 
UH-19D                 57-5937/N37788               static 
UH-1H                  67-17658/N658H               flying 
OH-58A                 68-16893/N911PW              flying 
OV-1D                  67-18926/N18926              flying 
O-2A                   67-21436/N5636Z              flying 
O-2A                   68-10831/N5259W              flying 
O-2A                   68-10862/N202AF              flying 
O-2A                   68-10973/N973FS              flying 
SNJ-2                  Bu 2027/N40HS                flying 
SNJ-4                  Bu 27675/N7062C              flying 
AT-6D (SNJ-5)          41-34517/(Bu 43756)/N350HT   flying 
AT-6D (SNJ-5)          42-84800/(Bu 84850)/N7988C   flying 
AT-6D                  42-85794/N991GM              flying 
AT-6D                  49-2985/N35CE                flying 
SNJ-5 (AT-6D)          Bu 43779/(41-34540)/N3645F   flying 
SNJ-5B (AT-6D)         Bu 43942/(42-84443)/N3931Z   flying 
SNJ-5 (AT-6D)          Bu 84917/(42-84997)/N2023    flying 
SNJ-5 (AT-6D)          Bu 85028/(42-85328)/N3771M   flying 
SNJ-6 (AT-6F)          Bu 112227/(44-82408)/N9800C  flying 
AT-6F                  N7460C                       flying 
T-6G                   49-3241/N8203H               flying 
T-6G                   49-3320/N4996H               flying 
T-6G                   49-3358/N8201V               flying 
HARVARD Mk.4           20432/CF-HWU                 flying        plus 3 SNJs 
BT-13A                 N11FW                        flying 
BT-13A                 N213BD                       flying 
PT-17                  N1631M                       flying 
T-28B                  Bu 137706/N4698S             flying 
T-28B                  Bu 138164/NX9060F            flying 
T-28B                  Bu 138118/NX119RT            flying 
T-28B                  Bu 140009/N300JH             flying 
T-28B                  Bu 140016/N46984             flying 
T-28C                  Bu 140581/N581JS             flying 
T-28C                  Bu 146225/N255JM             flying 
T-28C                  Bu 146287/N2304K             flying 
AT-28D                 49-1665/N665PB               flying 
T-28D                  51-3766/NX766NA              flying 
T-34A                  53-3327                      flying 
T-34A                  53-4132/N34EG                flying 
T-34A                  55-225/N93JD                 flying 
T-34A                  N74032                       flying 
T-34B                  Bu 140843/N8CN               flying 
T-34B                  Bu 144033/N134RR             flying 
T-34B                  N9BM                         flying 
T-34                   N34MR                        flying 
T-34                   N134BH                       flying 
LM-1                   21017 (JAPAN) N2109Z         flying 
LM-1                   21020 (JAPAN) N2121J         flying 
LM-1                   21029 (JAPAN) N21204         flying 
LM-2                   21051 (JAPAN) N2105N         flying 
T-33                   AN 133512                    static (Valiant Air Command aircraft) 
T-37B                  58-1914                      14 FTW  USAF-AETC static 
P3-05                  A-823/NX4103T                flying 
P3-05                  A-842/N842JM                 flying 
CJ-6A                  N21710                       flying    plus 1 CJ-6A 
L-39TC                 NX6743D                      flying 

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