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Titusville 2013

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Titusville Valiant Air Command Air Show
Date: 23 & 24 March 2013
Updates: 27 December 2022, Patrick Dirksen
4820 MiG-21U-600 VAC ex CzechAF
192 N1101 VAC ex FrenchAF
71-0295/IA A-7D VAC front section
54-0674 C-123K VAC  
60-0492 F-105D VAC u/r  
68-16138 UH-1H VAC  
57-0659 T-33A VAC u/r  
158722/7 TA-4J VAC  
162182/NH A-6E VAC  
153135/AG-401 A-7A VAC  
155563 F-4J VAC u/r  
146985/DN-14 F-8K VAC  
125295/L-301 F9F-5 VAC  
161134/AJ-114 F-14A VAC  
161948 F/A-18A VAC  
156702/F-810 T-2C VAC  
161055/E-055 T-34C VAC  
N108Q TBM-3E VAC ex Bu91188 “23307”
N15453/V-1 OV-10D VAC ex Bu155409
N19EZ Ce337E Air Mobile Ministries  
N2400X SB Lim2 VAC ex Poland 627
N2995C L-17B ex 48-1021  
N3969A TBM-3E ex Bu53787  
N37788 UH-19D VAC ex 57-5937
N661WU CH-46E DOS Air Wing ex Bu157661
N8114T US-2B VAC ex Bu136433
N86FR F-86F VAC ex Arg C-109 “31201”
N9103A/IRQ-145N UH-1N DOS Air Wing ex 135145
N104RB CF-104D ex Norway 4632  
N128KA T-28B ex Bu137760  
N134RR T-34B ex Bu144033  
N139PJ L-39C ex Ukraine  
N151CF P-51D ex 44-84933  
N2155F T-28B ex Bu137723  
N2262Z A-4C ex Bu145131 “149606”
N228TS AT-28D ex Philippines 53-138351  
N28XC T-28C ex Bu140514  
N30199 Waco UPF-7 Patricia A Ohlsson  
N3239T C-47A VAC ex Denmark K-684
N34MR T-34A ex 52-7658 “T34-201”
N34XD T-34A ex 52-7644 “140007”
N3701G B-17G ex 44-8543  
N382FW P149D ex West Germany 90+58  
N4167P T-42A ex 65-Mk127LIF01  
N4168E T-28C ex Bu146239 “56-239”
N54087 N2S-1 ex Bu3371 “349”
N62163 B-25J VAC ex Canada 5239
N624HF UH-1H ex 66-16624  
N645DS SNJ-5 ex Bu90645  
N7381C C-45F ex 44-47696  
N75004 BT-15 ex 42-1779  
N8201V T-6G ex Spain E.16-94 “168472”
N826G AT-6G ex South Africa 7722  
N826HF AH-1F ex 67-15826  
N834 T-34A ex 52-7681 “160279”
N841NE P3-05 ex Switzerland A-841  
N842JM P3-05 ex Switzerland A-842  
N8662E T-34B ex Bu140699  
N9102Z T-28A ex 50-0201 “50449”
N9109R AT-7C ex 43-33403  
N303TF CeT303 Air Scan  
N727AS Ce337G Air Scan  
Valiant Air Command (VAC) is the name of the air museum at Titusville. Their annual air show is a great event for warbird lovers. Most of the collection had been towed across the airfield for static display, where two rarely noted US Department of State helicopters with an interesting career were also found. A large number of warbirds from the Southern states were present and could be photographed while performing with the sun in the back. The flight line was open to the public in the morning hours so the aircraft could be seen from up close. Unfortunately, the weather was not very cooperative, gusts of winds caused some acts had to cancel their performance, including the F-104. However, the organization realized the public did not only come to see it fly, but above all to hear its howl, and had it make a few fast taxi runs! The USAF Thunderbirds performed out of nearby Patrick AFB. What likely has become the last performance by the team of fiscal year 2013 ended with a fast approaching storm front and tornado warning, cutting short the air show programme in style.


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