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Tyndall 2000

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Date: 1 April 2000

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78-0650/DM		A-10A		354th FS                 
79-0105/BD	        OA-10A	        47th FS                  
79-0174/DM	        A-10A	        358th FS                 
86-0136		        B-1B	        127th BS                 
60-0044/MT	        B-52H	        23rd BS                  
68-10958	        C-9A	        11th AS 	"Swansea"
95-00103	        C-17A	        97th AMW                 
84-0120		        C-21A	        458th AS                 
85-01608	        C-31A	        USA Parachute Team       
63-9812		        C-130E	        314th AW                 
57-1419		        KC-135R	        319th ARW                
65-0276		        C-141B	        437th AW                 
79-0003/OK	        E-3B	        966th AACTS              
94-0284/WR	        E-8C	        16th ACCS                
84-0048/WE	        E-9A	        53rd WEG                 
63-7408		        NF-4C	        preserved                
66-0234?	        QF-4D	        53rd WEG        please confirm!
66-0342/AF-116	        QF-4E	        53rd WEG                 
68-0572?	        QRF-4C	        53rd WEG        please confirm!
69-0254/AF-193	        QF-4G	        53rd WEG                 
69-0259/AF-166	        QF-4G	        53rd WEG                 
69-7268/AF-211	        QF-4G	        53rd WEG                 
69-7287/AF-210	        QF-4G	        53rd WEG                 
69-.272		        QF-4G	        53rd WEG                 
74-0095		        F-15A	        preserved                
78-0475/TY	        F-15C	        1st FS                   
78-0535/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS                   
78-0564/TY	        F-15D	        1st FS                   
78-0565/TY	        F-15D	        95th FS                  
78-0568/TY	        F-15D	        95th FS                  
78-0573/TY	        F-15D	        1st FS                   
78-0574/TY	        F-15D	        95th FS                  
79-0011/TY	        F-15D	        1st FS                   
79-0014/TY	        F-15D	        2nd FS                   
79-0021/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS                   
79-0026/TY	        F-15C	        1st FS                   
79-0030/TY	        F-15C	        1st FS                   
79-0048/TY	        F-15C	        1st FS                   
79-0070/TY	        F-15C	        1st FS                   
79-0072/TY	        F-15C	        1st FS                   
79-0073/TY	        F-15C	        1st FS                   
80-0014/TY	        F-15C	        1st FS                   
80-0027/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS                   
80-0046/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS                   
80-0055/TY	        F-15D	        95th FS                  
80-0056/TY	        F-15D	        95th FS                  
80-0060/TY	        F-15D	        1st FS                   
81-0024/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS                   
81-0028/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS                   
81-0048/TY	        F-15C	        95th FS                  
81-0065/TY	        F-15D	        1st FS                   
82-0021/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS                   
82-0032/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS                   
82-0045/TY	        F-15D	        1st FS                   
82-0048/TY	        F-15D	        2nd FS                   
83-0015/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS                   
83-0028/TY	        F-15C	        95th FS                  
83-0043/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS                   
86-0051/CC	        F-16D	        523rd FS                 
86-0294/CC	        F-16C	        523rd FS                 
87-0227/CC	        F-16C	        523rd FS                 
88-0150/CC	        F-16D	        523rd FS                 
92-3916		        F-16CJ	        157th FS/SC ANG          
93-0704/LF	        F-16A	        21st FS                  
93-0721/LF	        F-16A	        21st FS                  
93-0825/LF	        F-16B	        21st FS                  
93-0828/LF	        F-16B	        21st FS                  
59-0145		        F-106A	        preserved                
85-0818/HO	        F-117A	        8th FS                   
87-24616	        UH-60A	        498th MedCo	         
97-26773/MY	        HH-60G	        41st RQS                 
95-0048/CB	        T-1A	        14th FTW                 
58-1898/EN	        T-37B	        80th FTW                 
66-7996/XL	        T-37B	        47th FTW                 
64-13261/CB	        AT-38B	        14th FTW                 
68-8186/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS                  
70-1955/VN	        T-38A	        71st FTW                 
158630/AJ-104	        F-14A	        VF-41                    
164669/AJ-444	        F/A-18C	        VFA-87                   
2118		        HU-25B	        8th CGD                  
6591		        HH-65A	        8th CGD		         
Also a couple of warbirds were at Tyndall and about 30 additional QF-4s.

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