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Washington-Dulles 1972

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Date: 3 June 1972

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Updated: 29 August 2022, Ken Elliott:

56-6670		X-15A                                     
60-0288         HH-43F Huskie                             
63-13294        RB-57F Canberra		58 WRS               
65-12954        OH-6A Cayuse                              
66-0302         F-4D Phantom         	Thunderbirds 1       
66-0319         F-4D Phantom         	Thunderbirds 2       
66-0321         F-4D Phantom         	Thunderbirds 3       
66-0291         F-4D Phantom         	Thunderbirds 4       
66-0315         F-4D Phantom         	Thunderbirds 5       
66-13551        SV-5J                                     
66-13558        OV-10A Bronco                             
67-16247        OH-6A Cayuse                              
67-18441        CH-47B Chinook                            
67-18923        OV-1D
68-0583/BC      RF-4C Phantom         	67 TRW              
68-8024         T-37B                                     
68-10871        O-2A                   	1 SOW              
69-5796         HH-53C                                    
69-7257/SJ      F-4E Phantom                              
69-15928        UH-1H Iroquois         	212 Med Det        
69-15930        UH-1H Iroquois                            
69-15931        UH-1H Iroquois         	212 Med Det        
69-18480	CH-54B Tarhe                              
70-0448         C-5A Galaxy                               
70-15017        CH-47C Chinook                            
70-15940        AH-1G HueyCobra                           
71-0327         A-7D Corsair                              
71-0871         A-37B Dragonfly                           
71-0879         C-9A Nightingale       	322 TAW           
71-0892         F-111F                                    
71-0893         F-111F                                    
71-1034         F-5B                                      
71-1457         U-17B                                     
71-20059        UH-1H Iroquois                            
71-20352        OH-58A Kiowa                              
72-1408         T-41D Mescalero                           
1483            HH-3F Pelican          	USCG Brooklyn      
1460            HH-52A                 	USCG Brooklyn      
1349            HC-130B Hercules       	USCG Elizabeth City
145557          F-8K Crusader          	VMF-321            
158387/WF       AV-8A Harrier          	VMA-513            
158468          TA-4J Skyhawk                             
158532          A-6E Intruder                             
158663/422      A-7E Corsair           	VA-174             
SL721          	Spitfire LF.XVIe                          
XH557           Vulcan B.2                               
XV207           Hercules C.1                             
XV298           Hercules C.1                             
XP514           Gnat T.1             	Red Arrows          
XP531           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows       
XP539           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows       
XR981           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows       
XR987           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows       
XR991           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows       
XR993           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows       
XS101           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows       
XS107           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows       
XS111           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows   
X-24A 66-13551 was in fact the SV-5J which never flew and did not have a military serial or civil registration.
The SV-5J was modified to represent the X-24A The real X-24A in 1972/3 was converted to the X-24B.

6x		OH-58			"Golden Knights"
6x		OH-6			"Golden Knights"
15964		OH-6A			"Silver Eagles"
16016		OH-6A			"Silver Eagles"
16066		OH-6A			"Silver Eagles"
17164		OH-6A			"Silver Eagles"
17252		OH-6A			"Silver Eagles"
17286		OH-6A			"Silver Eagles"
17327		OH-6A			"Silver Eagles"
17340		OH-6A			"Silver Eagles"
17357		OH-6A			"Silver Eagles"
4x		F-4J			"Blue Angels"

CF-DJU		CC-115			c/n 21
CF-OHE		Twin Otter
N7TF		P-51D Mustang		(44-73856)
N16CA		HU-16A
N30N		C60 Lodestar		(V-GA)
N38LL		P-38L Lightning		(42-104088)
N47DA		P-47D Thunderbolt	(44-90471)(A-HV)
N51RH		P-51D Mustang		(44-74739)
N51WB		P-51D Mustang		(44-64005)
N191H		P-63A King Cobra		(42-68941)
N224N?		P-40			"26" (or N229K, N2294?)
N345		P-38 Lightline
N4700C		DC-3			Turbo Three Dakota    
N6306T		P-51D Mustang		(44-74878)(G-HI)
N7277C		B-17G			"124592/G/KY-D" (44-83872)
N9683		Ford Tri-motor
N10601		P-51D Mustang		(44-73843)(G-VF)
N12905		B-24 Liberator		AM927
N63037		P-51D Mustang		
N70700		B707 prototype		c/n 17158
		SB2C-5 Helldiver	BuNo 83589/5
		A-24B/SBD Dauntless	42-54532/5
		A-26B-DT Invader	322369
		F4F Wildcat		41-F-4
		Hudson			(QA-V)
		P-38 Lightning		(44-53095)
		Bf109			1-13
		P-51D Mustang		44-63481
		F4U Corsair		883

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