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Westover 1992

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Date: 26 July 1992

Made by:


161669/WK-500	A-6E		VMA(AW)-224		MCAS Cherry Pt.
72-0176/OH	A-7D		nn
162725/KD-37	AV-8B		VMAT-103		MCAS Cherry Pt.
78-0630/MA	A-10A		104FG 131TFS		MA ANG
86-0110/GF	B-1B		319BW 46BS		Grand Forks AFB
58-0179/LA	B-52G		2BW 596BS		Barksdale AFB
69-0013		C-5A		439AW 337AS		Westover AFB
68-0211		C-5A		439AW 337AS		Westover AFB
70-0448		C-5A		439AW 337AS		Westover AFB
84-0065		C-21A		375AW			Scott AFB
55-0046		AC-130A		919SOG 711SOS		Duke Field
86-0412		C-130H		911AG 758AS		Pittsburgh AS
MM61995/46-09	C-130H		46sq			Pisa/San Giusto
A97-160/60	C-130H		37sq			RAAF Richmond ?
63-8085		C-141B		63AW			Norton AFB
161226/AD-016	TE-2C		VAW-120			Norfolk NAS
72-1270/38+60	F-4F		JG74			Neuberg AB
72-1276/38+66	F-4F		JG71			Wittmundhaven AB
162307/10	F-5E		VF-43			NAS Oceana
163220/AG-111	F-14B		VF-143			NAS Oceana
163409/AG-112	F-14B		VF-143			NAS Oceana
76-0127		F-15A		102FW 101FS  MA ANG		
88-1703/SJ	F-15E		4WG 334FS		S. Johnson AFB
89-0494/SJ	F-15E		4WG 334FS		S. Johnson AFB
81-0740		F-16A		158FIG 134FS  VT ANG
164264/AJ-331	F/A-18C		VMFA-312		MCAS Beaufort
164270/AJ-335	F/A-18C		VMFA-312		MCAS Beaufort
68-0122/CC	F-111D		27FW 522FS		Cannon AFB
84-0827/HO	F-117A		49FW 415FS		Holloman AFB
86-0029		KC-10A		4WG			S. Johnson AFB
164597/NY-597	KC-130T		VMGR-452		Stewart Field
63-8007		KC-135R		340ARW			Altus AFB
63-7994		EC-135G	  	4ACCS			Ellsworth AFB
62-25878	OV-1D		151MIB	GA NG
140113		CP-140					CFB Greenwood
160943/E	T-34C		TAW-5			NAS Whiting Field
59-0261/OK	T-37B		71FT 8FTS		Vance AFB
114055		CT-114		Central Flyng Schl
80-1099		TR-1A		9RW			Beale AFB
67-15541	AH-1S		1/110 AV  MA NG
68-15444	UH-1V		146Med Co  WV NG
157330/HV-143	SH-2F		HSL-32			NAS Norfolk
67-16633	OH-6A		MA NG
157141/YL-07	CH-53D		HMH-362			MCAS New River
164457		SH-60F		DPRO Sikorski
85-25417	AH-64A		1/130AV RG  NC NG

162075?/KD-20	AV-8B	     	VMAT-203   
90-0741/SW	F-16C        	363 FW        
90-0732/SW	F-16C        	363 FW        
155627/AE-507	A-6E         	VA 176        
85-1608		C-31A        	G Knights    
MM61993/46-07	C-130H       	46 Aera Brig.
And the Frecce Tricolori with MB339PANs.

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