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Whiteman 1995

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Date: 14 June 1995

Made by:


188714, 188795        CF-188A      CAF (l/n 416sq)
130342                KCC-130H     435sq
79-0164/BC            A-10A        303rd FS AFRes
86-0105/DY            B-1B         28th BS
88-0330/WM            B-2A         393rd BS
60-0029/MT            B-52H        23rd BS
86-0015               C-5B         436th AW
84-0166               C-12F        722nd ARW CTP
93-0603               C-17A        437th AW
65-0232               C-141B       60th AW
76-0078/SL            F-15A        110th FS MO ANG
82-1025/FS            F-16A        184th FS AR ANG
89-2093/MY            F-16C        307th FS
89-2116/MY            F-16C        68th FS
74-0182/CC            F-111F       523rd FS
86-0823/HO            F-117A       9th FS
56-3641               KC-135E      117th ARS KS ANG
65-0908               RF-4C        192nd RS NV ANG
56-3586/LB            T-37B        64th FTW "35 FTS"
67-14845/WM           T-38A        509th BW CTP
70-1950/VN-OK         T-38A        25th FTS
66-15306              AH-1F        1-135th AVN MO ARNG
73-22082, 74-22378    UH-1H        1-135th AVN MO ARNG
72-21440              OH-58A       1-135th AVN MO ARNG
164690/CE-11          F/A-18D      VMFA(AW)-225
N101PP                G-2A Galeb   '23101'
N16GH                 O-2A         '21375'
N36TH                 T-33A        civil (T'birds)
63948/FW-948          F-100        civil

reported as 80127     B-2A         393rd BS
..-..../LA            B-52H        2nd BW (fly only)
85-0098/EG            F-15C        58th FS
85-0100/EG            F-15C        58th FS "58 FS"
85-1608               C-31A        Golden Knights

T-38A 509th BW CTP 'WM':
63-8219, 67-14826, 67-14828

A-10A 303rd FS 'KC':
78-0631, 79-0117, 79-0118, 79-0119 plus one

1-135th AVN Montana Army National Guard:
AH-1F  : 66-15266, 66-15330, 67-15457, 67-15624
         67-15703, 68-17040, 68-17075, 71-21051
OH-58A : 71-20621, 71-20716, 72-21261, 72-21280
         72-21291, 72-21372, 73-21914, 73-21915

56-0683               B-52D        preserved gate
65-7941               UH-1F        preserved gate

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