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Williams Gateway 200

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Date: 17 March 2002

Made by:


84-0120			C-21A		458th AS           
57-1495			KC-135E	        197th ARS AZ ANG   
81-0026/FF		F-15C	        71st FS            
81-0034/FF		F-15C	        27th FS            
86-0143/MO, 86-0151/MO	F-15C	        390th FS           
86-0158/MO, 86-0177/MO	F-15C	        390th FS           
88-0419/HL, 88-0537/HL	F-16CG	        4th FS             
88-0489/NM, 88-0504/NM	F-16CG	        188th FS NM ANG    
88-0502, 88-0527	F-16CG	        124th FS IA ANG    
89-2040/OK, 89-2053/OK	F-16CG	        125th FS OK ANG    
89-2065/HL, 89-2108/HL	F-16CG	        4th FS             
89-2107/LF		F-16CG	        310th FS           
90-0719/OK		F-16CG	        125th FS OK ANG    
91-0102/RA		T-1A	        12th FTW "99FTS"   
99-3550/RA		T-6A	        12th FTW           
58-1898/EN		T-37B	        80th FTW           
64-13271/BB		T-38A	        1st RS             
70-1950/VN		T-38A	        71st FTW           
85-24411		UH-60A	        C/1-189th AVN AZ NG
165786/NK-205		F/A-18E	        VFA-115            
165867/NH-206		F/A-18E	        VFA-14             
165868/NH-207		F/A-18E	        VFA-14             
165884/NH-110		F/A-18F	        VFA-41             
162555/UV-26		AH-1W	        HMLA-267           
165276/UV-43		AH-1W	        HMLA-267           
153350/YQ-00		CH-46E	        HMM-268            
161554/45		SH-60B	        HSL-45             
162346/TZ-50 +2		SH-60B	        HSL-45             
161132/132		P-3C	        VP-9               
158865/703		S-3B	        nn                 
159731/NH-703		S-3B	        VS-22?             
157058/A-967		T-2C	        Meridian           
165479/A-136		T-45C	        TW-1/VT-7          
And the Blue Angels with the following F/A-18A Hornets:
161955/1	161983/2	161942/3	161948/4
161956/5	161975/6	....../7

The two unidentified SH-60s departed early in the morning, just as Viking 158865.

Local aircraft:
64-13298, 68-8161	AT-38B		overhaul
65-10422, 66-4358	T-38A	        overhaul
N250WL, N251WL		TA-4J	        ATSI    
N252WL			TA-4J	        ATSI    
N260WL, N261WL		A-4N	        ATSI    
N262WL, N263WL		A-4N	        ATSI    
N264WL, N265WL		A-4N	        ATSI    
N266WL			A-4N	        ATSI    
152868/06, 152878/07	TA-4J	        stored  
154614/A, 155102/A	TA-4J	        stored  
155115			TA-4J	        stored  
N1255T			H-19D	        nn      

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