Again a Russian L-39 Albatros crash in Krasnodar

An L-39 of the Russian Federation - Aerospace Forces (RF VKS) crashed during a training flight in the Krasnodar Territory (Russia). Both pilots ejected as the Russian Ministry of Defence announced on 13 August 2020. The fate of the pilots is not revealed.

The base of origin is also not clear yet. The aircraft in the Krasnodar Territory belong to the Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots (KVVAUL) and they operate the L-39s from three locations:

  • Maykop/Khanskaya air base with 272nd Polotsk orders of Suvurov and Kutuzov Training Air Base (272 UAB)
  • Michurinsk air base with its based 219th Training Air Base (219 UAB)
  • Tikhoretsk air base, home of the 192nd Guards Training Air Base (192 UAB)

The L-39 is slowly phased out in the RF VKS and is replaced by the Yak-130.

Scramble Facebook News had previously reported about other Russian L-39 crashes, which occurred in recent years:

  • On 25 March 2020 and 27 April 2018 the RF VKS lost a L-39 in the Krasnodar Territory
  • On 17 October 2018 an L-39 of the Russian Federation - Naval Aviation (AVMF-RF) crashed.

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