USA USN T 45 165635 KNQI 22Oct19 Oscar Vis file info 640Crash US Navy Goshawk

On Sunday 19 September 2021 at around 11:15 hrs LT, a US Navy T-45C Goshawk from Training Air Wing (TAW) 2 ('B-xxx') crashed in a residential neighbourhood in Lake Worth (TX), which is located two miles northeast of Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth.

Both pilots managed to eject from the crippled aircraft and were transported to local medical facilities for treatment. The aircraft impacted the ground causing damage to at least three houses. The incident is under investigation.

According to the information released by the US Navy, the pilots were conducting a routine training flight that originated at Corpus Christi International Airport (TX). TAW-2 is based at Naval Air Station Kingsville (TX) and has two squadrons assigned; VT-21 Red Hawks and VT-22 Golden Eagles. The identity of the crashed Goshawk is not known yet.

Photo (just illustrative) by Oscar Vis (Scramble Archive)

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