Turkmenistan C 27J NG Alessandro Maggia 640Delivery C-27J to Turkmenistan

On Sunday 6 June 2021, Leonardo (formerly Alenia Aermacchi) delivered C-27J Spartan, serial 20 Blue and test registration CSX62319, to the Turkmenistan Air Force.

The transporter departed Torino/Caselle (Italy) in the morning hours. Scramble Magazine reported on this new C-27J customer on 9 December 2020, although at that time it was not yet clear who would become the owner.

Although not confirmed, the Spartan will be operated by the 47th Seperate Mixed Aviation Eskadron at Ashkhabad/Bezmein air base on the west side of the capital.

If you know the construction number of this aircraft, please inform us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo by Alessandro Maggia via Torino Airport LIMF Aircraft Spotting

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