Exercise EAM 2022 1 640Echange Air Maroc 2022 exercise

EAM 2022 is a joint military exercise between the Alkowat al malakiya al jawiya (RMAF, Royal Moroccan Air Force) and the Armée de l'Air et de l'Espace (AAE, French Air and Space Force) and is held at Sidi Slimane (5 Air Base) 80 kilometres northeast of Rabat.

After 10 years absence, French Mirage 2000D strike fighters are now participating in an exercise in Morocco. For a period of eleven days, from 16 to 27 May 2022, both air forces want to raise their efficiency in specialised missions.

The RMAF has developed its defensive capabilities in recent years, and therefore it aims to increase combat efficiency at the level of defensive battles in this training. It also wants to increase its offensive efficiency to the level of African Lion exercises with the USAF. The French Air Force would like to increase the efficiency of the aircrew in these type of missions over desert area.

The goal of the exercise is to renew the links of military cooperation and to strengthen interoperability between the two air forces. Two missions are flown each day. France participated with three Mirage 2000D from Escadre de Chasse 3 based at Base Aérienne 133 Nancy/Ochey and Morocco participated with at least three Mirage F1CM-VI from the Escadron de Chasse Assad, part of EdC 5, based at Sidi Slimane.

Participating aircraft were:

RMAF, Escadron de Chasse Assad
Mirage F1: 144, 171 and 172
AAE, EC02.003 Champagne and EC03.003 Ardennes
Mirage 2000D: 642/3-IE (EC02.003), 661/3-IE (EC03.003) and one more

Photos by RMAF

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