Japan JASDF T 400 01 5060 RJTJ 03Nov14 Andrew Jewson 640JASDF’s 41 Kyoiku Hikotai moves to Hamamatsu

In anticipation of future Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) Boeing KC-46A operations from Miho airbase, the JASDF’s 41 Kyoiku Hikotai started its relocation from Miho to Hamamatsu on 19 April 2021. The unit is flying thirteen T-400s (JASDF name for the Beech 400) in the multi-engine training role for future transport aircraft pilots.

Because of delays in the construction of new infrastructure to house the unit, the original time-frame of a relocation in Fiscal Year 2020 was abandoned and moved to FY2021.

The unit was part of Miho’s 3 Yuso Kokutai, together with co-based 403 Hikotai operating the Kawasaki C-2. It will now probably become sub-ordinate to 1 Kokudan, the Hamamatsu wing with the Kawasaki T-4 units 31 and 32 Kyoiku Hikotai.

As 1 Kokudan has a long standing tradition of adorning the unit’s aircraft with black/yellow checkered tails, it might be possible 41 Kyoiku Hikotai also gets some sort of checker marking.

At the end of the day, seven T-400s made the move to Hamamatsu, being: 41-5051, 41-5053, 41-5054, 51-5056, 51-5057, 71-5059 and 01-5060. The other six are 41-5052, 41-5055, 51-5058, 21-5061, 21-5062 and 41-5063 of which 41-5055 was not seen for over two years, last note January 2019.

Photo by Andrew Jewson (Scramble Archive)

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