Japan JMSDF P 1 640JMSDF P-1 veered off runway

On 7 September 2021, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) Kawasaki P-1 with serial 5533 veered off the runway at Gifu air base.

According to the Scramble Magazine database, this P-1 was not yet delivered to one of the operational JMSDF units and was still being tested by Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI).

The extent of the damage is unknown. No injuries were reported and the cause of the accident is under investigation.

The Kawasaki P-1 is a Japanese Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) developed and manufactured by Kawasaki Aerospace Company. Unlike many MPAs, which are typically conversions of civilian designs, the P-1 is a purpose-built maritime aircraft with no civil counterpart and was designed from the onset for the role.

Photo and video via News24Live

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