Japan JASDF 203 Hikotai F 15DJ 640"Just a nice picture...!"

With Mount Monbetsu and Mount Eniwa in the background, Mitsubishi F-15DJ 32-8080/080 from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) comes to land at Chitose Air Base (Japan).

Operated by 203 Hikotai (203rd Tactical Fighter Squadron), "080" is based with the 2 Kokudan (2nd Air Wing) at Chitose AB, in Hokkaido Prefecture (Japan).

Chitose is the homebase for the Air Defence units 201 Hikotai and 203 Hikotai, both operating the F-15J/F-15DJ.

For more information on the JASDF Air Order of Battle please visit the section on our website.

Photo by @masato06897478 (On Twitter)

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