USA USAF 154th TRS C 130H Kevin Duretz 640"Just a nice Picture ...!"

In November 2022, Kevin Duretz photographed this brightly coloured C-130H Hercules of the 154th Training Squadron (TRS) Razorbacks Arkansas ANG at its homebase Little Rock AFB (AR).

The transporter, serial 81-0629 (c/n 382-4944), received the distinctive colours of a training unit (yellow) in July 2019. According to the Scramble database the unit operates eleven C-130Hs. The Razorbacks received their first Hercules transporters in July 1986. By 1 October, the squadron fully converted to the Hercules and was redesignated from the 154th Tactical Airlift Training Squadron to the 154th Training Squadron on 16 April 1992.

Since 1998, the squadron has been the exclusive provider for instructor training. The school instructs courses for all crew positions on board the C-130H, and has taught students from all branches of the military.

Photo by Kevin Duretz

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