Italy GdfiF AW169 credit Aviation Report E Feretti G Conversi 640Leonardo delivers first GdiF MH-169A

On 24 January 2023, Leonardo and the Guardia di Finanza (GdiF) celebrated the delivery of the "first" MH-169A (local designation of the AW169M) helicopter at the Vergiate plant.

This new version is equipped with skids and a clearly visible adaptation to its horizontal stabilizer. At either end, the vertical fins curve inwards. The new helicopter, serial MM82055/507 (c/n 72005) will be part of a fleet of 24 units, including six with a fixed landing gear, codes 501 to 506, and eighteen with skids, codes code 507 to 524.

Although 507 is officially claimed as the first delivered MH-169A, the real ‘first’ was MM82053/509 (c/n 72004), which was already delivered on 11 January 2023 to the Centro di Aviazione GdiF at Pratica di Mare.

Deliveries of all GdiF MH-169As will be completed by 2024 and will supplement the fleet of twenty Leonardo PH-139D (local designation of AW139). The MH-169As will be used for various tasks including patrolling as sea police, territorial control for economic-financial police needs, public order, rescue and other security missions.

The present mixed fleet of Breda-Nardi NH500s, AW109Ns and AB412HPs will all be decommissioned in the near future.

Photo by Aviation Report / E Feretti and G Conversi

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