Malaysia RMAF P 72A photo by Leonardo 640Malaysia selects P-72 and Anka-S

The Malaysian government has made a decision about the procurement of their next maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) and UAS (Unmanned Aerial System).

Leonardo was awarded the MPA tender based on the ATR72MP, which is designated P-72 in Italian service. The award was for two aircraft with a further option for four more.

All will be operated by 16 Skuadron at Subang/Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah. This squadron currently operates the Beechcraft Be200T, of which they have four in thier inventory.

The UAS tender was awarded to Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), and is based on the ANKA-S model. The award was for three aircraft and these will be operated by 11 Skuadron at Labuan air base.

The Anka-S is a serial production configuration of the TAI Anka. It is equipped with a SATCOM antenna and a national flight control computer. Like the Block A and the Block B versions, the Anka-S will be powered by Thielert Centurion 2.0S engine.

Photo (just illustrative) by Leonardo

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