RAAF KC-30A received names

Early November 2020, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) brought back the naming tradition when the Airbus KC-30A MRTTs from 33 Squadron Enduring were given names.

For tail number spotters, this naming can positively add in the way of identifying individual aircraft as the serials of the tankers are sometimes hard to read. Also this year, the RAAF started repainting the MRTT fleet. At least one aircraft with "high viz" markings, serial A39-004, has been noted in February 2020. The roundel, serial, RAAF titles and tail markings were painted black instead of a lighter shade of grey.

Disbanded after the war, 33 Squadron was re-established at RAAF Base Richmond (NSW) in 1983. The squadron named their Boeing 707 tanker transporters City of Sydney, Richmond Town, Windsor Town, Clarendon, Castlereagh, and Wilberforce.

The last of the Boeing 707s was retired at RAAF Base Richmond in June 2008, with 33 Squadron relocating the to RAAF Base Amberley (Qld.) in July 2008.

The KC-30A MRTTs received the following names:

A39-001  City of Ipswich
A39-002  City of Brisbane
A39-003  Wivenhoe
A39-004  Scenic Rim
A39-005  Warrego
A39-006  Willowbank
A39-007  Somerset

Photo via Defpost.com

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