USA USAF T 38 BB KCRANEWS 640Two USAF Talon accidents

The past days saw two 1960s era Northrop T-38 Talon mishaps during two different occasions.

On 19 February 2021, both pilots, a Japanese air force officer and a US Air Force instructor, of a T-38C were killed during their training mission when their training jet crashed near Dannelly Field/Montgomery Regional Airport (AL).

The two-seat "CB"-coded T-38C, assigned to the 50th Flying Training Squadron, part of the 14th Flying Training Wing, based at Columbus AFB (MS), crashed due to unknown circumstances.


One day earlier, on 18 February 2021, an accident occured when a T-38A assigned to the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron/9th Reconnaissance Wing experienced a gear-up landing at Mather Airport in Sacramento County (CA).

The "BB"-coded Talon, with serial number 64-13304, flew a training mission as "ROPER12" from its home base Beale AFB (CA). The aircrew sustained no injuries. Normally, Beale based aircraft utilise Mather Airport and its local airspace to conduct training operations.

Photos: KCRA News, FOX40 News, USAF and Jurgen van Toor

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