Second Polish Air Force Boeing 737 delivered

In March 2017 the Sily Powietrzne RP (Polish Air Force) ordered three Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft. The Boeings will be used by 1. Baza Lotnictwa Transportowego (1. BLTr), based in Warsaw. They will be used to carry the nation’s president and senior government officials across the globe.

The first 737, a -86X with VIP interior (serial 0110 and msn 61358) was already delivered in November 2017. The second 737, a BBJ2 was delivered on 7 october 2021, serial 0111 and msn 64927. At this moment it’s unknown by Scramble when the third and final Boeing 737 will be delivered to the Polish Air Force.

All three will be equipped with flight data recording, transmission, management and analysis technology supplied by Teledyne Controls. The systems include DFDAU (digital flight data unit). GroundLink Comm+ and AirFASE ground software.

The DFDAU and its embedded aircraft condition monitoring system supplies data by the aircraft health management system as developed by Boeing. GroundLink will be used for pre-flight engine data analysis. Prior to take-off, the engineers will be able to offload data from the aircraft and autonomously analyse it for any anomalies. It is also capable of supporting real-time data streaming, cabin and flight crew connectivity, wireless distribution of field-loadable software parts and automated flight operational quality assurance (FOQA). AirFASE is flight data monitoring software developed by Airbus and Teledyne Controls that is capable of translating raw flight data into engineering values.

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