Treviso - Istrana

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City Treviso
Position 45°41'05"N 012°05'11"E
Runway(s) 08/26
Elevation 138 ft


This Aeronautica Militare Italiano base is home to 51°Stormo that operates two squadrons with AMX aircraft and has a squadriglia with MB339s and AB212s. The base is quite OK for spotting and photography. Both runway approach ends are accessible but do not rank high on facilities. The parking space is limited.
Like with all Italian bases there is no guarantee that you will be able to stay as long as you would like.


The base has a relatively simple lay out. All activity is concentrated on the North side of the base. Three loops of taxi-tracks (with hardened aircraft shelters) are present, one each in the West, the East and the centre of the base.

Getting There

The base is located North of the road from Castelfranco Veneto to Treviso (road number SR53). While travelling this road you will automatically pass the approach for runway 08 which is a nice reference point.

Around the Airport

1Runway 26

The approach is OK for reading and photography. From this spot you can photograph (300 mm) and read the aircraft approaching this runway. Furthermore you can cross the road and have a look at the base itself (from a small concrete aquaduct that runs along the fence of the Southern part of the base). Reading the MMs on the base is very hard though. To get to this spot exit the SR53 (in Istrana) towards Pezzan. When you see the runway approach lighting you can turn right onto a very small dirtroad and park your car there. This spot only has room for a very limited number of cars so you might be obliged to park somewhere else.

2Runway 08

The other end, the approach of runway 08, is a bit harder. Though it is quite close to the SR53 this road does not offer a good spot to park here. The road is very busy so parking on the side of this road is not an option. If you drive further along the SR53 you will almost immediately arrive in a small village with a large parking spot at the beginning. Walking back to spot 2 take a couple of minutes.

3Main gate

The main gate is worth visiting as well. Quite a large number of aircraft are preserved near the main gate (and on other spots on the base as well) and some can be seen by visiting the main gate. To get to the gate follow the road North from spot 1 and head for Pezzan. From Pezzan you van continue towards the main gate of the base.

A local AMX shot from spot 1 with 300 mm digital. Photo Simone

A Hellenic Air Force C-130 landing on runway 08. Picture from spot 2 with 90 mm digital. Photo Simone


387.675 / 257.800Tower
120.400 / 336.825Approach

Based Operators

651ª SCCAB212AM MB339A


MM6417This G91R/1B is mounted on a pole inside the 103°Gr area
MM6804/51-22/55A former 51°St F-104S-ASA is preserved at the main gate
MM54217/51-75Also preserved at the main gate is this MB326
MM52-9898/51-86This T-33A is preserved on base close to the ATC radar installation
MM53-6704/51-26Also guarding the gate is this F-84F
MM53-5322/51-76Yet another aircraft acting as a gate guard is this RT-33A
MM53-8278/51-01Finally a F-86K that is preserved near the main gate

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