Dalaman (Muğla)

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City Dalaman
Position 36°42'45"N 028°47'29"E
Runway(s) 01L/19R, 01R/19L
Elevation 20 ft


Dalaman international airport is one of south-western Turkey's gateways and serves several tourists destinations in the area, like Dalaman, Fethiye, Marmaris and Muğla. In total, Dalaman can be reached directly by air from about 120 domestic and international cities, which makes it an interesting airport for the aviation enthusiast. Beware, plane spotting is neither understood nor appreciated in Turkey.


Dalaman has a single north-south runway with all facilities located to its west side. The international and domestic terminals can be found on the north west side, whereas the south western corner of the airfield is in use by the Turkish air force as a reserve base.

Getting There

You will probably arrive by air to Dalaman airport. In case you want to visit the airport on a trip through Turkey, it is located a few kilometers south of the city of Dalaman and is the end station of road D-555.

Around the Airport

1Approach 01 - south east side

The south side of the airfield is the best area for spotting, as its easy to read off and photograph aircraft from the local beach. Spot 1 can be found on the south east side of the 01 approach by driving the road alongside the runway almost to the beach. Just before reaching the beach, cross the creek on your left, turn right to the beach and simply drive the dirt road as far as you want to, to give yourself a good angle. This spot is great in the morning.

2Approach 01 - east side

Another good spot is the Therma Maris Hotel & Spa at the Incebel holiday village. The village can be found along the main road to the beach. You will have to pass a security gate, but this would not be a problem if you want to visit the spa. From the swimming pool, nice views can be head of approach 01 from the east side. Again, this spot is best for photography in the morning, or just around sunset.

3Shelter area - east side

Just north of Incebel holiday village spot 3 can be found. From here, distant views in the shelter area to the west can be had. The place is not suitable for photography, but if the shelters are in use, you may just be lucky and read it from here.

4Approach 19 - east side

When runway 19 is in use, spot 4 is the place to be. Coming from the beach, this spot can be found where the road connects with road D-555. It is not unusual that people are watching aircraft from here, so it seems to be tolerated. Spot 4 is best for photography in the morning.

5Terminal area & gateguards

Dalaman's new terminal is located to the south of the domestic terminal. It can handle about 35 flights simultaneously. The area has many spots to see aircraft parked on the spacey apron. Photography is not recommend, but should be best in the afternoon. To the south of the international terminal the military gate can be found, which is guarded by two aircraft, amongst others.

6Shelter area - west side

Spot 6 and 7 require some time to find, but may be well worth the drive. From the town of Dalaman, head to Fevziye. Before crossing a small creek, head south on the dirt road to the beach. This road leads along the western perimeter fence of the airport, from halfway down the airport southward. From spot 6, views from the shelter area can be had, and the T-33 can be seen partially hidden behind a building.

7Approach 01 - west side

The west side of approach 01 also gives very interesting views of aircraft over the beach. From spot 6, head to the beach by simply following the road. Park your car and enjoy your view. Photography is best in the afternoon.




63-8060F-104G, at military gate, north side, as "5-2000"
66-9224F-5A, at military gate, north side
?T-33A, on base, west side of HAS area

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