Royal Australian Navy

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Royal Australian Navy

Nowra, NSW
Nowra, NSW (YSNW) HMAS Albatross

RWY 03/21, 08/26     POS 34°56'56"S 150°32'13"E     ELEV Elev:400 f

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
723sq EC135T2+ Wings of the Albatross

725sq MH-60R Be aggressive

808sq MRH90 Strength in Unity

816sq MH-60R Imitate the action of the tiger

822Xsq ScanEagle
Camcopter S-100
See the Enemy
Nowra is home to the Helicopter Aircrew Training System (HATS), that provides aircrew training to the Australian Army and Royal Australian Navy. HATS operates out of 723sq with fifteen Airbus EC135T2+ helicopters.

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