The entire CF-5A/D fleet has to be replaced in the near future. The HAL Tejas is a possible option for Botswana. Seen here is a CF-5A of Z28 Squadron, based at Thebephatshwa airport.

Jonathan Laverick (Gaborone, 30sept2019)

The Botswana Defence Force - Air Wing operates three former AMARC C-130B hercules freighters in Z10 squadron.

Jonathan Laverick

Francistown (FBFT)

RWY 11/29     POS 21°09'35"S 027°28'28"E     ELEV 3283 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Z3 Bat Hawk C
Z12 BN-2T
BN-2A-21 (wfu?)
BN-2B-20 (wfu?)

The colourful AS350 is flying in two squadrons (Z21 and Z23) from Thebephatshwa airport.

Jonathan Laverick (Gaborone, 30sept2023)

The sole Beech 200 of the VIP Flight in a low pass over the crowd on Independence Day in 2023.

Jonathan Laverick (Gaborone, 30sept2023)

Gaborone/Sir Seretse Khama Intl (FBSK)

RWY 08/26     POS 24°33'19"S 025°55'06"E     ELEV 3299 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
VIP Flight Global Express XRS
Beech B200
Bell 412EP
Bell 412ER

One of the two operational CN235-300Ms operating in Z10 Squadron from Thebephatshwa airport.

Jonathan Laverick (Gaborone, 30sept2023)

One bird of the BDF Air Wing VIP Flight, the Bombadier Global Express low flying over Gaborone in September 2023, Independence Day.

Jonathan Laverick (Gaborone, 30sept2023)

The VIP Flight also has one AW109E in service for the transport of people of the Botswana Government.

Jonathan Laverick (Gaborone, 30sept2023)

This Pilatus PC-24 is the only type in the VIP Flight of the Botswana Defence Force - Air Wing.

Jonathan Laverick (Gaborone, 30sept2023)

Thebephatshwa/Molepolole (FBTP)

RWY 08/26     POS 24°13'16"S 025°20'50"E     ELEV 3750 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Z7 PC-7 Mk.II Flying Training School
Z10 C212-300
Z21 AS350BA
Bell 412SP
Z23 AS350B
Z28 BF-5A

Four PC-7 Mk.IIs of squadron Z7/Flying Training School in formation on 30 September 2023.

Jonathan Laverick (Gaborone, 30sept2023)

The Botswana Defence Force - Air Wing is operating six Bell412SP helicopters in Z21 Squadron and two Bell412EPs for VIP transport. Seen here is a Bell412SP from Z21 Squadron.

Simon Coates (Gaborone, 10May2018)

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