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Force Aérienne Centrafricaine


Reflecting the current position of the air force are the stored aircraft and helicopters seen on this photo at Bangui with Mi-24V TL-KND on the foreground.


Bangui/M'Poko (FEFF) Base Aérienne

RWY 17/35, 17/35 (grass)     POS 04°23'52"N 018°31'11"E     ELEV 1208 ft

Base Aérienne Unit Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Base Aérienne Bangui-M'Poko

Escadron Centrafricaine AS350B (wfu)
BN-2B-26 (wfu?)
Joker J300 (wfu?)

Gouvernement SA365N1 (wfu?)

Light aircraft like Tetras 912 and these Joker J300s, are increasingly finding their way to African air forces. Cheap, easy to maintain and not so complex that they can be beaten by the climate.

Philippe Colin

BN-2B-26 TL-KAF.

Philippe Colin

Cessna 172FR TL-KAB.

Jacques Guillem

By the time this photo was taken, March 2007, only the c/n was painted on the tail-boom. It took up later its serial of TL-KFB.

Jacques Guillem

C-130A TL-KNK is currently stored at Bangui.

March 2007, Jacques Guillem

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