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B.A. de Comalapa (MSLP)

RWY 07/25, 18/36     POS 13°26'27"N 089°03'22"W     ELEV 101ft

Brigada Grupo Aircraft Type(s) Code Badge
Segunda Brigada Aérea

Grupo Caza y Bombardeo A-37B "Dragón"
OA-37B "Dragón"
O-2A/B "Martillo"

The A-37 remains in service as the main asset of the FAS. Additional aircraft have been purchased from Chile lately.

Raymond van Dijkhuizen

Aravas have been part of the FAS since the seventies, this is a later model 202, delivered in 2008.

Raymond van Dijkhuizen

B.A. de Ilopango (MSSS)

RWY 15/33     POS 13°42'01"N 089°07'13"W     ELEV 2021 ft

Brigada Grupo Aircraft Type(s) Code Badge
Primera Brigada Aérea

Grupo de Helicopteros Bell 206L-3
Bell 407
Bell 412EP "Centella"
UH-1H-II Guardían"
UH-1M "Cazador"
MD500E "Guardiancillo"

Grupo de Transporte BT-67 "Fantasma"
IAI202 "Pegaso"
Centro de Educación e Instrucción Militar Aeronáutico (CIMA)

Escuela de Aviación Militar (EAM) T-35A/B Azul
TH-300C Halcón

The MD500 has been used to great success, recently these helicopters were deployed with the UN to Mali

Raymond van Dijkhuizen

Many, many Huey helicopters served with the FAS, about a dozen of these received upgrades and thus, a second life.

Raymond van Dijkhuizen

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