Senegalese Air Force / Armée de L' Air du Senegal

Brief history
Senegal became independent in 1960 and the Air Force was established in 1960. The first aircraft Senegal receieved were C-47s and MH1521M from the French Air Force. During the eighties the country made a pact with Gambia and was referred to as Senegambia. During this time the Air Force also operated out of Gambia which has no Air Force of his own.

Today the Air Force operates a few F-27s and some other light aircraft. A visit in early 2000 revealed that allmost all CM170's are withdrawn from use. The Senegelase Air Force operates from the International Airport at Dakar but is known to have detachments all over the country. The French Air Force usually has one or two aircraft (mostly C-160) detached at Dakar. New acquirements over the last years were two Mi-35P, two Mi-171SH. Spain donated two UH-1H helicopters and C212 in 2008 to the Senegalese Air Force.

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