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August 2024

Date Location Event Highlights
16 Aug 2024 (Fri) - 18 Aug (Sun) Australia - Gold Coast Pacific Airshow
25 Aug 2024 (Sun) Japan - JASDF Matsushima Air Festival

September 2024

Date Location Event Highlights
2 Sep 2024 (Mon) - 5 Sep (Thu) Egypt - El Alamein IAP Egypt airshow
15 Sep 2024 (Sun) Japan - JASDF Chitose Air Festival
18 Sep 2024 (Wed) - 22 Sep (Sun) South Africa - AFB Waterkloof Africa Aerospace & Defence - AAD
18 Sep 2024 (Wed) - 21 Sep (Sat) Indonesia - Nugrah Rai Bali Air Show
23 Sep 2024 (Mon) Japan - JASDF Komatsu Air Base Festival
24 Sep 2024 (Tue) - 28 Sep (Sat) Oman - Salalah Airshow

October 2024

Date Location Event Highlights
6 Oct 2024 (Sun) Japan - JASDF Ashiya Air Festival
19 Oct 2024 (Sat) - 20 Oct (Sun) Australia - Temora Warbirds Downunder
24 Oct 2024 (Thu) - 27 Oct (Sun) South Korea - Sacheon Airport Gyeongnam Sacheon Aerospace Expo
29 Oct 2024 (Tue) - 31 Oct (Thu) United Arab Emirates - Al Bateen Abu Dhabi Air Expo
30 Oct 2024 (Wed) - 2 Nov (Sat) Morocco - Marrakech Airport Marrakech Airshow

November 2024

Date Location Event Highlights
3 Nov 2024 (Sun) Japan - JASDF Iruma Air Festival
12 Nov 2024 (Tue) - 17 Nov (Sun) China - Zhuhai Airshow China
13 Nov 2024 (Wed) - 15 Nov (Fri) Bahrain - Sakhir Air Base Bahrain International Airshow BIAS
20 Nov 2024 (Wed) - 24 Nov (Sun) Tunisia - Djerba–Zarzis International IADE Tunisia
24 Nov 2024 (Sun) Japan - JASDF Tsuiki Air Festival

December 2024

Date Location Event Highlights
8 Dec 2024 (Sun) Japan - JASDF Naha Air Base Festival
15 Dec 2024 (Sun) - 22 Dec (Sun) Iran - Kish Island Iran International Air Show

November 2025

Date Location Event Highlights
17 Nov 2025 (Mon) - 21 Nov (Fri) United Arab Emirates - Dubai Airshow

Above you can find an overview of major and minor aviation events. The emphasis is put on activities (airshows and non-airshows) in and near the Benelux, but it is intended to also include major or special events elsewhere. Aviation events that are closed to the public are presented on our SIS-pages.

If you have any updates on the list please tell us at the box below, or visit the airshow messageboard to tell everybody about what is Hot or Not.

Although every effort has been made to double check the data above dates might change, shows might be cancelled or were never meant to be held without our knowledge.

Especially some airshow dates in next year's season and beyond can be expected to change!

When in doubt it is strongly advised to check before going for example by using the website provided or using our messageboard.(Scramble messageboard).


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