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Military updates - november 2021

I was present today (28/10/2021), for the arrival of 4x Qatar Air Force F-15QA Ababil's into RAF Mildenhall (EGUN) while completing the second leg of their delivery flight from the US to Qatar.

Ababil on finals! The Qatar Emiri Air Force received its first quartet of F-15QAs, locally named Ababil (a kind of birds) staging through RAF Mildenhall on 28 October 2021. Shown here is FMS serial 17-1013 pictured by Josh Knights.



Koninklijke Luchtmacht (AF)
D-483 298sq ex LCW M7483 oct21
D-485 298sq ex LCW M7485 oct21
D-601 298sq ex LCW M7601 oct21
D-602 298sq ex LCW M7602 oct21
J-060 312sq ex 322sq 6D-143 aug21
J-257 wfu Volkel? ex 312sq 6D-46  
J-628 wfu Volkel ex 312sq 6D-60 sep21
J-882 wfu Volkel ex 312sq 6E-23 oct21
F-019 322sq d/d 31aug21 AN-19  
F-020 322sq d/d 29sep21 AN-20  
F-021 322sq d/d 06oct21 AN-21  
F-022 FACO Cameri f/f 14oct21 AN-22  
T-235 to USA   46956 oct21



Luchtcomponent/Composante Air/Air Component (AF)
CT07 Airbus Defence and Space f/n oct21
FA117 10w ex 2w 6H-117 aug21
Sea King Mk48
RS02 to UK as OO-SEE WA832 oct21
RS04 to UK as OO-KNG WA834 oct21
ST19 wfu Beauvechain ex CC Air 10-19 oct17
ST20 wfu Beauvechain ex CC Air 10-20 oct21
ST25 wfu Beauvechain ex CC Air 10-25 oct21
ST27 wfu Beauvechain ex CC Air 10-27 oct21


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zračne snage Vojske Federacije BiH (AF)
Ministarstvo unutrašnjih poslova Republika Srpska (GV)
The first two Kazan Ansat helicopters were delivered to the Helicopter Unit of the Special Antiterrorist Unit (MUP) of the Republika Srpska Police in November 2020 and June 2021. Both helicopters were presented to the press on 15 October, showing that by this time checks, training flights and registration have been organized. The two new Ansats are part of an order for three from Russian Helicopters worth € 26.5 million. The third Ansat is expected to be delivered in January 2022. The Ministry of Internal Affairs also awaits the delivery of equipment for bambi buckets, so the Ansats can also be used for fire fighting.
E7-MUP MUP f/n photo   oct21
E7-SAJ MUP f/n photo   oct21


Czech Republic

NWS UPD Mi 17 0850 EHVK Volkel 14Sep21 Rob Hendriks

Together with wo US Army CH-47Fs, Czech Mi-17 0850 of 243 vrl operated out of Volkel to participate in exercise Falcon Leap, dropping parachutists at various altitudes over drop zones in the Netherlands. (Rob Hendriks, Volkel, 14 September 2021)



Ilmavoimat (AF)
HN-457 HävLLv 31 ex HävLLv 11 1497/FNC057 feb21



Armée de l'Air et de l'Espace (AF)
045/F-UJCK ERVTS01.031 ex EC-332 1965 sep21
046/F-UJCL ERVTS01.031 ex EC-333 1968 aug21
047/F-UJCM Airbus on order 1998  
048/F-UJCN Airbus on order 2008  
049/F-UJCO Airbus on order 2011 oct21
111/64-II ET03.062 ex ET01.063 C111 sep21
Rafale B
306 to Greece as 402    
Rafale C
105/30-HE EC02.030 ex ECE01.030   sep21
106/30-HG nn ex 113-HG   oct21
109/30-IM nn ex 4-IM   oct21
121/30-IZ nn ex 113-IZ   oct21
122/30-GA nn ex 7-GA   oct21
134/30-GM nn ex 7-GM   oct21
136/30-GO nn ex 104-GO   oct21
140/4-GS ETR03.004 ex 7-GS   sep21
147/4-GZ ETR03.004 ex 30-GZ   sep21
1024/F-ZAIB ex DGA/EV l/f 02sep21 1024 oct21
1372/EV DGA/EV ex F-HAHI 1372 oct21
1376/EW on order as F-HAHJ 1376  
1381/EX on order as F-HAHK 1381 oct21
1382/EY on order as F-HAHL 1382  
F-CAGA/F3 Discus 2C EIVV05.312J 27 21
F-CBEU/A7 Duo Discus EIVV05.312J 334 oct21
F-CBMV/MV ASK-21 EIVV05.312J 21647 21
F-CEIM/SD LS-4 EIVV21.535 4140 21
F-CFDU/XD Discus 2C EIVV21.535 38 21
F-CFDY/F2 Discus 2B EIVV05.312J 225 21
F-CFEM/EM Duo Discus EIVV25.535 238 21
F-CIEC/EC Duo Discus EIVV05.312J 140 oct21
F-CIEZ/F5 Discus 2C EIVV21.535 6 21
F-CJEA/EA Duo Discus EIVV05.312J 154 21
F-CJED/ED Duo Discus EIVV05.312J 70 oct21
F-CJEH/F4 Discus 2B EIVV05.312J 5 21
F-CJEK/A6 Duo Discus EIVV05.312J 63 oct21
F-CMBE/EB Duo Discus EIVV25.535 31 feb21
F-CMDA/SC LS-4 EIVV05.312J 4675 21
F-CNCH/KL DS1000-S EIVV05.312J 10-273S179 21
F-CNGC/D2 DS1000-S EIVV21.535 10-272S178 21
F-CNPG/D4 DS1000-S EIVV25.535 10-271S177 21
F-CNPH/D1 DS1000-S EIVV21.535 10-294S198 21
F-CNRB/D3 DS1000-S EIVV21.535 10-274S180 21
F-CODE/SE LS-4 EIVV05.312J 4748 21
F-CPHA/AA1 Duo Discus EIVV21.535 631 feb21
F-CPHB/AA2 Duo Discus EIVV25.535 132 21
F-CVVA/MX ASK-21 EIVV05.312J 21867 oct21
F-CXXD/XD Discus 2C EIVV21.535 30 21
Armée de Terre (AR)
1291/EAF 1RHC ex CFIA 1291 sep21
1455/EBU 1RHC Airbus Helicopters 1455 sep21
1479/EBY Airbus Helicopters on order, F-ZKBT 1479 sep21
Tigre HAD
2010/BHA 5RHC Airbus Helicopters 2010 oct21
2015/BHD 5RHC Airbus Helicopters 2015 oct21
Marine National (NY)
2022 will be the final year of the Alouette 3 in French naval service. Currently eight should still be operational: 100, 106, 161, 162, 268, 302, 303. 997 and one more.
772 Heli Union ex F-GNVT 6772 sep21
745 nn ex F-HUDT 6745 sep21
Sécurité Civile (GV)
F-ZBQM Airbus Helicopters as D-HADI 21070 oct21
F-ZBQN Airbus Helicopters on order 21071 oct21
F-ZBML/79 Bombardier as C-GUJK 4631 sep21
F-ZBMM/80 Bombardier as C-GUKH 4633 sep21



Luftwaffe (AF)
10+23 wfu Hannover wfu 03sep21 503 sep21
10+26 to RCAF ex FBS BMVg 522 aug21
15+06 o/o Airbus full c/s 10613 sep21
15+10 o/o Airbus D-AVXU, f/f 26oct21 10613 oct21
15+11 FBS BMVg f/n Hamburg-Finkenwerder, full c/s 10528 oct21
10+01 o/o Airbus ‘Konrad Adenauer’ 468 aug21
10+02 o/o Lufthansa f/f 25oct21 526 oct21
10+02 o/o Airbus as D-AKAY 443 oct21
55+01 f/n roll-out 21aug21 5930  
50+36 LTG63   D58 oct21
50+40 preserved Roth ‘Retrobrummel’ c/s D62 oct21
50+51 LTG63   D73 oct21
50+55 LTG63   D77 sep21
50+79 LTG63   D116 oct21
50+83 LTG63   D120 oct21
50+86 WTD61   D123 sep21
50+88 LTG63   D125 oct21
31+18 TLG74 ex TLG73 183/AS011 oct21
31+22 TLG74 ex TLG73 198/AS015 oct21
Log van 28-09-2021:Ochtend sessie:Airbus A400M Atlas    54+07        f    Fang 51C-130H-30 Hercules    G-273    336sq    f    Devil 01F-35A Lightning II    5149    332 Skv    f    Panther 1-4F-35A Lightning II    5206    332 Skv    f    Panther 1-4F-35A Lightning II    5387    332 Skv    f    Panther 1-4F-35A Lightning II    5388    332 Skv    f    Panther 1-4Eurofighter EF-2000    31+11    TLwG-73    f    Beast 1-4Eurofighter EF-2000    31+20    TLwG-73    f    Beast 1-4Eurofighter EF-2000    30+66    TLwG-73    f    Beast 1-4Eurofighter EF-2000    31+09    TLwG-73    f    Beast 1-4Tornado IDS    45+20    TLwG-33    f    King 31-34Tornado ECR    46+40    TLwG-51    f    King 31-34Tornado IDS    44+69    TLwG-51    f    King 31-34Tornado ECR    46+57    TLwG-51    f    King 31-34F-35A Lightning II    F-015    322sq    f    Flanker 1F-35A Lightning II    F-016    322sq    f    Flanker 2F-16AM Falcon    FA127        f    Viper 1-4F-16AM Falcon    J-514    312sq    f    Viper 1-4F-16AM Falcon    J-014    nb    f    Viper 1-4F-16AM Falcon    FA91        f    Viper 1-4F-16AM Falcon    J-879    312sq    f    Bonzo 1-4    embleem 322sqF-16AM Falcon    J-017    312sq    f    Bonzo 1-4F-16AM Falcon    J-146    nb    f    Bonzo 1-4F-16AM Falcon    J-006    312sq    f    Bonzo 1-4    embleem 322sqF-16AM Falcon    FA129        f    Nasty 1F-16AM Falcon    FA81        f    Nasty 2
Leeuwarden was the place to be late September and early October for some serious fighter jet action. The Weapon Instructor Course (WIC) was held and brought Eufi 31+20 of TaktLwG 73 among many others. (Richard Baas, 28 September 2021)
30+67 TLG71 ex TLG73 GT018 sep21
Global 6000
14+08 o/o Lufthansa Technik   60037 aug21
Tornado IDS(T)
46+05 TLG51 ex TLG33 754/GT063/4305 sep21
new with WTD 61
New kid on the block of WTD-61 at Manching is H145M 76+16, the first one of a Luftwaffe follow-on contract of the H145M. It was seen at its home base on 14 September 2021 by Dietmar Fenners.
Heeresflieger (AR)
78+13 THR10 ex IHAz 1065 oct21
78+19 THR10 ex IHAz 1099 oct21
78+20 THR10 ex IHAz 1100 oct21
78+24 THR10 ex IHAz 1114 oct21
78+27 THR10 ex IHAz 1117 oct21
78+31 THR10 ex IHAz 1121 oct21
78+35 THR10 ex THR30 1125 oct21
79+38 THR10 ex Airbus Helicopters TGEE38 oct21
79+42 IHAz ex Airbus Helicopters TGEE42 oct21
Tiger UHT
74+01 KHR36 ex WTD61 1001 oct21
74+58 KHR36 ex Airbus Helicopters 1058 aug21
73+08 preserved Buckeburg Helicopter Museum Goodbye Huey' 8428 aug21
Marineflieger (NY)
79+59 MFG5 ex Airbus Helicopters NGEN09 oct21
98+53 f/n Airbus Helicopters     oct21



NWS UPD Falcon 7X 273 F HHED EHLE Lelystad 18Oct21 Richard Poeser 2

A big surprise emerged from the Satys paint shop at Lelystad mid-October. Falcon 7X F-HHED clearly shows its future operator and serial: the Hellenic Air Force, serial 273. It left after two days. (Richard Poeser, 18 October 2021)



Aeronautica Militare (AF)
MM82018/15-67 83° Gruppo CSAR ex CSX82018/15-67 Leonardo 31941 oct21
CSX82029/15-73 Leonardo f/n 31950 oct21
MM81145/- preserved Malta Aviation Museum ex stored 2° RMM 5802 oct21
MM7365/32-16 FACO Cameri (NO) f/f 12oct21 AL-15 oct21
Aviazione dell' Esercito (AR)
MM81240/E.I.863 stored Bracciano (RM) ex 1° Gruppo AvEs 7374 oct21
MM80695/E.I.324 54° Gruppo AvEs ex 25° Gruppo AvEs 4222 sep21
MM81564/E.I.247 27° Gruppo AvEs f/n ITAR48 sep21
Guardia di Finanza (PO)
MM62321/22 GEA ex CSX62321/22 Leonardo 1585 sep21
Vigili del Fuoco (SV)
VF-147 Reparto Volo Bologna ex I-PTFR/VF-147 Leonardo 31918 sep21



Armed Forces of Malta (AF)
Bulldog T1
AS0124 instructional Paola ex stored Ta'Qali 240 nov20



Norske Luftforsvaret (AF)
AW101 Mk612
0279 330 skv   50279 oct21
0281 OT&E d/d 07oct21 50281  
0282 Leonardo MW f/n, full mks 50282 oct21

WIC op Leeuwarden van woensdag 08-09 waarbij er ook twee van de vier aanwezige Noren aan de missie mee deden.

Among many others, Dino van Doorn was present at Leeuwarden to witness WIC-action. He sent us some great shots and we picked this Royal Norwegian Air Force F-35A 5207 to show its sleek lines and drag chute housing. (8 September 2021)



Força Aérea Portuguesa (AF)
26901 EMBRAER     sep21



Ratno Vazduhoplovstvo i Protivvazdusna Odbrana (DF)
Ministarstvo Unutrasnjih Poslova (PO)
Serbia has announced it will buy two Ka-32 helicopters for fighting wild fires. Already in March 2021 Serbia announced its interest in acquiring fire fighting planes. The two Ka-32 will likely be added to the Police (MUP) helicopter unit. Serbia will have several helicopters in use with its air force and police that can be used for fire fighting: AB212, Mi-8/17, H145, H215 (o/o). But extinguishing larger forest fires is most efficiently done with dedicated fire-fighting helicopters.



Ejército del Aire (AF)
T.24-1/452-01 452 Esc #10273, ex EC-MIL 1694 oct21
T.24-2   ex EC-MJA 1700  
T.24-3   ex EC-MKI 1719  
T.23-12/31-32 Airbus Sevilla/San Pablo #10221, f/n   oct21
E.25-50/79-33 preserved Léon ex 741 Esc, at gate 051 oct21
E.25-76/74-30 allocated to AGA ex 741 Esc 084 oct21
CASA 212-200
TR.12D-76/72-21 wfu ex 721 Esc 359 jul21
TR.12D-77/72-22 wfu ex 721 Esc 261 jul21
TR.12D-81/72-24 wfu ex 721 Esc 247 jul21
C.15-20/15-07 dump Albacete ex Ala 15 554/A462 oct21
C.16-23/11-23 Ala 11 ex 11-03 SS003/1063 oct21
C.16-25/11-25 Ala 11 ex 11-05 SS005/1079 oct21
C.16-27/11-27 Ala 11 ex 11-07 SS007/1101 oct21
C.16-28/11-28 Ala 11 ex 11-08 SS008/1109 oct21
C.16-29/11-29 Ala 11 ex 11-09 SS009/1117 oct21
C.16-32/11-32 Ala 11 ex 11-11 SS013 oct21
C.16-41/11-41 Ala 11 ex 11-17 SS022 oct21
C.16-49/14-49 Ala 14 ex 14-13 SS030 oct21
C.16-58/14-58 Ala 14 #10019, ex 14-17 SS041 sep21
C.16-62/14-62 Ala 14 #10047, ex 14-21 SS044 oct21
C.16-66/14-66 Ala 14 #10064, ex 14-24 SS047 sep21
C.16-71/14-71 Ala 14 #10146, ex 14-29 SS052 oct21
C.16-74/14-74 Ala 14 #10202, ex 14-32 SS055 oct21
C.16-75/14-75 Ala 14 #10205, ex 14-33 SS056 sep21
C.16-77/14-77 Ala 14 #10234, ex 14-35 SS058 aug20
CE.16-01/11-01 Ala 11 ex 11-70 ST001/1006 oct21
CE.16-02/11-02 Ala 11 ex 11-71 ST002/1014 oct21
CE.16-04/11-04 Ala 11 ex 11-73 ST004/1035 oct21
CE.16-12/14-12 Ala 14 #10000, ex 14-71 ST012 oct21
Mirage F1M
C.14-20/14-13 preserved Léon ex i/a, at gate   oct21
HD.29-19/803-19 803 Esc #10238, d/d 07oct21 1445 oct21
HD.29-21/803-21 Airbus Marseille/Marignane (France) #10264, f/n 1452 sep21
E.27-06/792-06 792 Esc #10244, d/d 04oct21 319 oct21
E.27-07/792-07 792 Esc #10245, d/d 04oct21 320 oct21
E.27-08/792-08 792 Esc #10246, d/d 04oct21 321 oct21
E.26-27/791-27 791 Esc ex 79-74 146 sep21
E.26-35/791-35 791 Esc ex 79-82 154 sep21
E.26-36/791-36 791 Esc ex 79-83 155 sep21
Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra (AR) (AR)
HT.17-03/ET-403 stored Colmenar Viejo ex BHELTRA V CF003/MP803 oct21
HT.17-17/ET-417 to CH-47F to ET-420 MA904/MF009  
Tiger HAP
HA.28-01/ET-701 stored Almagro ex BHELA I 2005/HAP05 sep21
HA.28-02/ET-702 stored Almagro ex BHELA I 2007/HAP07 sep21
HA.28-03/ET-703 stored Almagro ex BHELA I 2008/HAP08 sep21
HA.28-04/ET-704 stored Almagro ex BHELA I 2014/HAP14 sep21
HA.28-05/ET-705 stored Almagro ex BHELA I 2017/HAP17 sep21
HA.28-06/ET-706 stored Almagro ex BHELA I 2020/HAP20 sep21



Försvarsmaktens Helikopterflottilj (JF)
146043/43 Airbus Helicopters grey c/s, ex Hkp14A 1022 sep21
Flygvapnet (AF)
Eight months after the announcement that Sweden committed itself to the Global 6000 GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning (AEW) and Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR), the Försvarsmaktens (Swedish Armed Forces) made a formal request to procure the Saab GlobalEye on 1 October 2021.



TCCB1 I might stand for Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Cumhurbaskanligi 1 = Presidency of the Republic of Turkey 1We got this S92 today at PRG, not rare for us as we already got three various as EM-001 to EM-003 but surprise that it was re-registered to TCCB 1

A surprise at Prague, this Turkish S-92 showed up with a new serial, TCCB 1, previously EM-001. TCCB stands for Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Cumhurbaskanligi or Presidency of the Republic of Turkey. (17 October 2021, Václav Kudela)


United Kingdom

Royal Air Force (AF)
7REME = 7th Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at Wattisham
Boeing EGDM = Boeing at QinetiQ Boscombe Down
CGS/644VGS = Central Gliding School and 644VGS pool at RAF Syerston
CMF = Chinook Maintenance Facility at RAF Odiham
GMS = Glider Maintenance School at RAF Syerston
EGUB Pool = 28sq, 33sq and 230sq pool at RAF Benson
Leonardo = Leonardo Helicopters at Yeovil
M&FF = Maintenance and Finishing Facility at RAF Marham
MFSU = Merlin Fleet Support Unit at RNAS Yeovilton
P2MF = Puma HC2 Maintenance Flight at RAF Benson
StandardAero = StandardAero at Fleetlands
TEF = Typhoon Engineering Facility at RAF Lossiemouth
TMF = Typhoon Maintenance Facility at RAF Coningsby
WST = Wildcat Storage at RNAS Yeovilton
WZM = Wildcat Zonal Maintenance at RNAS Yeovilton
Chinook HC5
ZH897 27sq ex StandardAero M4476 jul21
Chinook HC6
ZK551 CMF ex 7sq M7702 aug21
ZK553 Boeing EGDM ex 7sq M7704 aug21
ZK554 Boeing EGDM ex 7sq M7705 jul21
ZK554 7sq ex Boeing EGDM M7705 aug21
ZK557 StandardAero ex 28sq M7708 jul21
ZK560 7sq ex CMF M7711 aug21
Chinook HC6A
ZA679 18(B)sq ex 28sq M7014 jul21
ZA679 CMF ex 18(B)sq M7014 aug21
ZA680 27sq ex CMF M7024 aug21
ZA684 27sq ex 18(B)sq M7011 jul21
ZA705 18(B)sq ex CMF M7030 jul21
ZA708 18(B)sq ex 28sq M7018 aug21
ZA712 CMF ex 28sq M7016 jul21
ZA714 28sq ex CMF M7005 aug21
ZD983 CMF ex 27sq M7022 aug21
ZM142/008 207sq ex M&FF BK-08 jul21
ZM145 M&FF ex 207sq/011 BK-11 jul21
ZM149 M&FF ex 207sq/015 BK-15 jul21
ZM156/022 d/d 28oct21 ex LMTAS BK-22 oct21
ZM157/023 d/d 28oct21 ex LMTAS BK-23 oct21
ZM158/024 d/d 28oct21 ex LMTAS BK-24 oct21
Hawk T1A
XX221 100sq see note 312057 jul21
Puma HC2
XW213/E EGUB Pool ex P2MF 1116 jul21
XW232 stored P2MF ex EGUB Pool/P 1199 aug21
ZA935 P2MF ex EGUB Pool/S 1633 jul21
ZA940/V EGUB Pool ex P2MF 1656 aug21
ZJ957/Z EGUB Pool ex P2MF 1474 jul21
Phenom T1
ZM334 45sq see note 50000377 jul21
Poseidon MRA1
ZP806/06 54/120/201sq, ex Boeing 66106/8680 sep21  
ZP807/07 54/120/201sq, ex Boeing 66107/8719 oct21  
Sentry AEW1
ZH101 stored Waddington ex 8/54sq/01 24109/993 sep21
ZH103 stored Waddington ex 8/54sq/03 24111/1004 sep21
ZH106 stored Waddington ex 8/54sq/06 24114/1011 sep21
Typhoon T3
ZK382/382 12(B)sq ex TMF BT027 aug21
Typhoon FGR4
ZJ947/947 II(AC)sq ex TMF BS040 aug21
ZK302/302 3(F)sq ex TMF BS054 aug21
ZK308/308 II(AC)sq ex 1(F)sq/308 BS059 jul21
ZK308/308 1(F)sq ex II(AC)sq/308 BS059 aug21
ZK317 TMF ex TEF BS078 jul21
ZK320/320 3(F)sq ex II(AC)sq/320 BS081 aug21
ZK325/325 1(F)sq ex II(AC)sq/325 BS086 jul21
ZK325/325 6sq see note BS086 aug21
ZK328/328 TMF ex 3(F)sq/328 BS089 aug21
ZK330/330 II(AC)sq ex 6sq/330 BS091 aug21
ZK334/334 3(F)sq ex TMF BS095 jul21
ZK337/337 II(AC)sq ex TMF BS098 jul21
ZK337/337 1(F)sq ex II(AC)sq/337 BS098 aug21
ZK342/342 29sq ex 3(F)sq/342 BS103 jul21
ZK345/345 XI(F)sq ex 6sq/345 BS106 aug21
ZK350 TMF ex XI(F)sq/350 BS111 aug21
ZK353/353 1(F)sq ex II(AC)sq/353 BS114 jul21
ZK353/353 II(AC)sq ex 1(F)sq/353 BS114 aug21
ZK357/357 6sq ex 3(F)sq/357 BS118 aug21
ZK371/371 TMF ex 3(F)sq/371 BS132 aug21
ZK378/378 II(AC)sq ex 6sq/378 BS139 jul21
ZK424/424 1(F)sq ex 6sq/424 BS140 jul21
ZK426/426 II(AC)sq ex 6sq/426 BS142 jul21
ZK429/429 3(F)sq ex 29sq/429 BS145 jul21
Viking TX1
ZE527 GMS ex CGS/644VGS/VP 33896 jul21
ZE527/VP CGS/644VGS ex GMS 33896 aug21
ZE553 GMS ex 661VGS/WA 33912 aug21
ZE555/WC CGS/644VGS ex GMS 33914 aug21
ZE559/WG CGS/644VGS ex GMS 33923 jul21
ZE564/WN CGS/644VGS ex GMS 33928 jul21
ZE564/WN 661VGS ex CGS/644VGS/WN 33928 aug21
ZE590/WT CGS/644VGS ex GMS 33937 aug21
ZE605 GMS ex 622VGS/XE 33949 aug21
ZE608/XH CGS/644VGS ex GMS 33957 aug21
ZE628/XS 632VGS ex GMS 33975 jul21
ZE678/YN CGS/644VGS ex GMS 34025 aug21
ZE685/YV CGS/644VGS ex GMS 34034 jul21
Voyager KC2
ZZ330 10/101sq ex 1312Flt 1046 aug21
Voyager KC3
ZZ332 1312Flt ex 10/101sq 1275 aug21
Army Air Corps (AR)
At RAF Barkston Heath, 674sq was disbanded on 30 April 2021. According to MAR, also the other Prefect T1 unit at this RAF station (Fleet Air Arm unit 703 NAS) will disband in 2022. If this indeed takes place, the sole unit using these training aircraft will be 57 squadron (Royal Air Force).
Apache AH1
ZJ187 to USA for AH-64E conversion   WAH22 jul21
ZJ195 to USA for AH-64E conversion   WAH30 jul21
ZJ213 3/4Regt ex 7REME WAH47 jul21
Apache AH2
ZM703 Wattisham ex Boeing UD004 oct21
ZM712 Wattisham ex Boeing UD013 oct21
Defender R2
ZG995 to G-SURV registered 30jul21 4005  
ZG996 to G-BWPR registered 30jul21 4010  
ZG997 to G-BWPV registered 30jul21 4012  
ZG998 to G-BWPX registered 30jul21 4014  
ZH001 to G-CEIO registered 30jul21 4015  
ZH002 to G-CEIP registered 30jul21 4016  
ZH003 to G-CEIR registered 30jul21 4017  
ZH005 to G-CGVB registered 30jul21 4018  
Defender T3
ZH004 to G-BWPO registered 30jul21 4009  
Gazelle AH1
XZ290 665sq ex StandardAero 1489 jul21
XZ320 StandardAero ex 665sq 1613 jul21
ZB693 StandardAero ex 665sq 2009 aug21
Islander R1
ZG844 to BN at Bembridge ex stored Shawbury 2184 may21
ZG848 to G-BLNY ex 651sq 2199 aug21
Wildcat AH1
ZZ383 WZM ex std WST 502 aug21
ZZ387 std WST ex WZM 506 aug21
ZZ398 Leonardo ex WZM 471 aug21
ZZ510 std WST ex Leonardo 508 aug21
Fleet Air Arm (NY)
Merlin HM2
ZH837 824NAS ex 820NAS 50074 aug21
Merlin HC3i
ZJ132 Leonardo ex 846NAS/Q 50177 jul21
Merlin HC4
ZJ125 MFSU ex 845NAS/J 50137 aug21
Merlin HC4A
ZJ992/AB 846NAS ex MFSU 50106 aug21
ZK001/AF 846NAS ex stored Yeovilton 50160 jul21
Wildcat HMA2
ZZ377 825NAS ex WZM 496 aug21
ZZ396 815NAS ex Leonardo 481 jul21
ZZ515 WZM ex 815NAS 520 aug21
ZZ528 Leonardo ex 825NAS 535 aug21




Força Aérea Nacional de Angola (AF)
H-233   w/o 21sep21 149  
Kodiak 100
ex D-FCEI   100-0258 sep21


Burkina Faso

Force Aérienne de Burkina Faso (AF)
XT-MBH o/o, EC298 c/n update 202 sep21



al Quwwat Al Jawwiya Il Misriya (AF)
33 545AW ex CSX82031 49076 oct21
34 545AW ex CSX82033 49078 oct21
39 545AW camo c/s   jul21
80 545AW ex CSX82035 49077 oct21
84 545AW ex CSX82040   oct21



al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al Jamahiryan al Libya (AF)
496 stored Al-Jufra f/n database   photo
Mirage 5DE
109 stored Tripoli 32°54’25.90”N, 13°16’02.93”E   oct21



Force Aérienne de la République du Mali (AF)



Força Aérea Moçambique (AF)
FA-093   f/n database, photo   sep21



Jeshi la Wananchi la Tanzani (AF)
JW9806 ex F-ZWBI del. oct21 3087/TNZ004 oct21



al Quwwat al Jawwiya at Tunisia (AF)




Afghan Air Force (AF)
YA1406   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 31400206 aug21
YA1510   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 31400210 aug21
YA1511   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 31400211 aug21
YA1519   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 31400219 aug21
YA1520   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 31400220 aug21
YA12299   left behind at Kabul airport 208B2299 sep21
YA12303   w/o 03oct17, maintenance trainer at Kabul 208B2303 oct21
YA22345   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 208B2345 aug21
YA22404   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 208B2404 aug21
YA85441   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 208B5441 aug21
YA85446   left behind at Kabul airport 208B5446 aug21
...   maintenance trainer, left behind at Kabul airport   aug21
258   w/o 11may17, wreck at Kabul airport 0258FF aug21
301   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 0301FF oct21
327   left behind at Mazar-i-Sharif, seen Kabul sep21 0327FF sep21
813   seen at Mazar-i-Sharif 10sep21, active   sep21
717   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 840M09 sep21
123   ex wfu   sep21
1443   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 1443 aug21
SA315B (HAL) Cheetal
... (1)   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled   oct21
... (2)   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled   oct21
601   photo   apr15
602   photo   apr15
23009   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 70072 aug21
23433   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 70191 aug21
23435   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 70193 aug21
23604   left behind at Bagram 70326 aug21
23924   left behind at Kabul airport, disabled 70749 sep21



Bangladesh Biman Bahini (AF)
Bangladesh Navy (NY)
314-03/S3-VHS Oberpfaffenhofen D-CAEO, full colours 8322 oct21

On 19 October 2021 this 314-03/S3-VHS, the first of two additional Dornier 228NG for the Bangladesh Navy emerged from its stable. That stable used to be called Dornier and RUAG but is now owned by General Atomics AeroTec Systems. (Oberpfaffenhofen, Alexander Lutz)



Force Aérienne Royale Cambodge (AF)
XU-170 Helicopter squadron   oct21  



People's Liberation Air Force (AF)
B737-89P (WL)
B-209H/B-4085 China United Airlines   63083/7377 oct21
B-209Z/B-4086 China United Airlines   63085/7457 oct21
10092 8th Div/22nd Reg   02445 oct21
10294 8th Div/22nd Reg   02498 aug21
61231 2nd Brigade     oct21
61233 2nd Brigade     oct21
68215 70th Brigade     oct21
74311 130th Brigade     oct21
66079 56th Brigade     oct21
68032 72nd Brigade     oct21
74822 131st Brigade     sep21
2328 Shijiazhuang FA/2nd Brigade     oct21
63975 26th Brigade     photo
63100 19th Brigade   0515 oct21
1143 Harbin Flying Academy/4th Brigade     sep21
1243 Harbin Flying Academy/4th Brigade     sep21
55018 CTC & SAR Brigade     aug21
10659 4th Division/11th Regiment     oct21
20144 13th Division/37th Regiment     aug21
People's Liberation Army (AR)
LH907376/76 LH Academy/3rd Brigade     photo
LH907386/86 LH Academy/3rd Brigade     photo
B-4601/UNO795 UNAMID   CHN94736 jul21
B-4604/UNO797 UNAMID   CHN94762 jul21
LH921733 85th Brigade     photo
LH981906 74th Brigade     photo
LH981921 74th Brigade     photo
LH981927 74th Brigade     photo
LH962916 79th Brigade     photo
LH962921 79th Brigade     photo
LH962931 79th Brigade     photo
LH962951 79th Brigade     photo
LH963955 80th Brigade     photo
LH963975 80th Brigade     photo
LH911111 Xinjiang Brigade     photo
LH911115 Xinjiang Brigade     photo
LH911133 Xinjiang Brigade     photo
LH911151 Xinjiang Brigade     photo
LH952109 82nd Brigade     photo
LH952150 82nd Brigade     photo
LH962106 79th Brigade     sep21
LH962168 79th Brigade     sep21
LH981139 74th Brigade     sep21
LH982106 121st Brigade     photo
LH982121 121st Brigade     photo
LH982122 121st Brigade     photo
LH982153 121st Brigade     photo
LH982156 121st Brigade     photo
LH982186 121st Brigade     photo
LH992169 72nd Brigade     photo
(LH907503)/03 LH Academy/3rd Brigade     photo
(LH907513)/13 LH Academy/3rd Brigade     photo
(LH907519)/19 LH Academy/3rd Brigade     photo
LH963566 80th Brigade     photo
LH982233 121st Brigade     photo
People's Liberation Army Navy (NY)
04     Z9-0746 photo
06       photo
08   ex 9444 Z9-0762 photo
Police (PO)
37002 Shandong Municipal Police     nov19
Manufaturers (GV)
... SAC   0109 sep21



Bharatiya Vayu Sena (AF)
CU2266 4sq w/o 25aug21    
CU2332 23sq ex 32sq   sep21
Bharatiya Nau Sena (NY)
IN753 Sikorsky f/n   oct21
IN330 INAS315A d/d 18oct21 64892/8526 oct21



Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Darat (AR)
HS-7202 SkUAD13 c/n update 5813 jan20
HS-7203 SkUAD13 c/n update 5814 mar19
HS-7204 SkUAD13 c/n update 5816 nov19
HS-7205 SkUAD13 c/n update 5817 feb21
HS-7206 SkUAD13 c/n update 5818 oct20
HS-7207 SkUAD13 c/n update 5819 oct19
Polisi Udara (PO)
P-7001 Polisi Udara del, ex I-EASN 49069 oct21
P-7002 Leonardo I-RAIL, s/n now known 49070  



Nihon Koku-Jieitai (AF)
08-1030 Hiko Kaihatsu Jikkendan ex IRAN 8030 oct21
18-1213 402 Hikotai badge applied 13 oct21
21-46401 Boeing to be 14-3611 66585/1207 oct21
95-1083 401 Hikotai ex IRAN 5172 oct21
63-8501 Hiko Kaihatsu Jikkendan ex IRAN 1001 oct21
03-8507 3 Hikotai ex nb after IRAN 1007 oct21
43-8525 ex 3 Hikotai? nb? IRAN? At Nagoya-Komaki 1025 oct21
63-8538 3 Hikotai nb, delivery after IRAN 1038 oct21
03-8555 8 Hikotai ex nb after IRAN(apr21) 1055 oct21
13-8561 3 Hikotai ex IRAN 1061 oct21
13-8562 3 Hikotai nb, delivery after IRAN 1062 sep21
23-8111 21 Hikotai ex Hiko Kaihatsu Jikkendan 3011 oct21
23-8113 o/h Mitsubishi/Nagoya nb, ex 21 Hikotai 3013 oct21
33-8119 3 Hikotai ex 6 Hikotai 3019 oct21
33-8124 o/h Mitsubishi/Nagoya nb, ex 21 Hikotai 3024 oct21
22-8056 305 Hikotai ex 23 Hikotai 722/006 sep21
12-8074 201 Hikotai ex IRAN 024 oct21
82-8092 o/h Mitsubishi/Nagoya nb, ex 203 Hikotai 042 oct21
52-8851 o/h Mitsubishi/Nagoya nb, ex 305 Hikotai 051 oct21
62-8869 204 Hikotai ex nb after IRAN 069 oct21
62-8873 304 Hikotai ex IRAN(jun21) 073 oct21
72-8885 23 Hikotai nb, delivery after IRAN 085 sep21
72-8890 304 Hikotai ex nb after IRAN 090 oct21
82-8899 204 Hikotai ex nb after IRAN 099 oct21
82-8901 201 Hikotai ex 306 Hikotai 101 sep21
02-8916 304 Hikotai ex nb after IRAN 116 oct20
02-8919 201 Hikotai ex IRAN 119 oct21
12-8923 o/h Mitsubishi/Nagoya nb, ex 201 Hikotai 123 oct21
52-8954 304 Hikotai nb, delivery after IRAN 154 oct21
72-8960 306 Hikotai nb, delivery after IRAN 160 oct21
F-15J Mod.
92-8912 306 Hikotai ex nb after IRAN 112 oct21
19-8726 302 Hikotai badge applied AX-26 oct21
19-8727 301? Hikotai delivered to Misawa, ex MHI AX-27 oct21
19-8728 302? Hikotai delivered to Misawa, ex MHI AX-28 oct21
88-4587 Koku Kyunandan IRAN, testing 2037 oct21
66-5602 Hiko Kaihatsu Jikkendan ex IRAN 1002 oct21
06-5638 13 Hiko Kyoikudan ex IRAN(apr21) 1038 oct21
06-5640 13 Hiko Kyoikudan ex IRAN 1040 sep21
06-5650 1 Kokudan nb, delivery after IRAN 1050 oct21
46-5715 31 Kyoiku Hikotai nb, delivery after IRAN 1115 sep21
46-5723 o/h Kawasaki/Gifu nb, ex 3 Hik, 301 Hik 1123 oct21
56-5741 306 Hikotai active after grounding 1141 oct21
86-5769 13 Hiko Kyoikudan grey c/s, ex IRAN? 1169 sep21
16-5795 31 Kyoiku Hikotai ex IRAN 1195 oct21
26-5806 o/h Kawasaki/Gifu nb, ex 31 Kyoiku Hikotai 1206 oct21
36-5903 12 Hiko Kyoikudan nb, delivery after IRAN 3 oct21
56-5930 11 Hiko Kyoikudan ex IRAN 30 sep21
66-5943 o/h Subaru/Utsunomiya nb, ex 12 Hiko Kyoikudan 43 oct21
41-5055 41 Kyoiku Hikotai last one ferried Miho-Hamamatsu TX-5 oct21
Rikujo Jieitai (AR)
73431 4 Taisensha Herikoputatai no code, del. after IRAN 31 oct21
73447 o/h Subaru/Utsunomiya no code, ex SD 47 oct21
73478/VATH 5 Taisensha Herikoputatai ex TDY Koku Gakko 78 sep21
73479/IVATH 4 Taisensha Herikoputatai ex IIIATH 79 oct21
41868 Utsunomiya Kou no SU code 1J68 oct21
31312/X Shibata-shi ex store Kasumigaura 6766 oct21
40001/H Tokorozawa-shi to be broken up? 55690 nov18
52917/HGPV 105 Hikotai toned down badge 5024 oct21
52953/HGPVI 106 Hikotai ex WH 5052 sep21
52957 o/h Kawasaki/Gifu nb/no code, ex XVH 5057 oct21
52959/HGPIV 104 Hikotai ex T IX 5059 oct21
52961/HGPVI 106 Hikotai ex T IX 5061 oct21
52987 Kawasaki HI f/n, coded HGPIII 510x oct21
43127/IHB 102 Hikotai TDY Akeno Koku Gakko #27 4027 oct21
50002/H Tokorozawa-shi to be broken up? 42-20 oct21
Kaijo Jieitai (NY)
8286 51 Kokutai ex 24 Kokutai 1076 sep21
8973 22 Kokutai ex IRAN(jan19) 3013 oct21
8449 o/h Mitsubishi/Nagoya no unit no, ex 21 Kokutai 5049 oct21
8472 22 Kokutai delivery, ex MHI 5072 sep21
8474 Mitsubishi HI f/n, test at RJNA 5074 oct21
8901 o/h Mitsubishi/Nagoya no unit no, ex 51 Kokutai 5001 oct21
5036 5 Kokutai ex IRAN? At Kuala Lumpur 9033 oct21
5059 5 Kokutai ex IRAN? At Kuala Lumpur 9056 oct21
5065 2 Kokutai ex 203 Kyoiku Kokutai 9062 sep21
5071 5 Kokutai ex store Shimofusa? At Kuala Lumpur 9068 oct21
5080 o/h Nippi/Atsugi no unit no, ex 2 Kokutai 9077 sep21
5081 5 Kokutai at Kuala Lumpur 9078 oct21
5086 203 Kyoiku Kokutai no unit no 9083 oct21
5087 203 Kyoiku Kokutai ex no unit no 9084 oct21
5091 5 Kokutai ex IRAN 9088 oct21
5095 5 Kokutai unit confirmed 9092 sep21
9908 Shin Maywa Industries f/n at Kobe, marked for 71 Kokutai 4008 oct21
Kaijō Ho'an-chō (CG)
Beech 350
JA861A/MA861 2nd Region ex 1st Region FL-180 oct21
8501 ATLA ex MHI   oct21
8502 ATLA ex MHI   oct21



Hukbong Himpapawid NG Pilipinas (AF)


South Korea

Dae Han Min Guk Gong Gun (AF)
20-048 258 TATS new grey c/s N048 sep21
10-561 re-serialled as 81-561 KE1004 feb20
10-615 re-serialled as 81-615 KE1038 feb20
81-561 10 FW/101 FS f/n with this serial KE1004 sep21
81-615 10 FW no badge after IRAN KE1038 sep21
10-604 re-serialled as 81-604 KF1011 dec20
81-604 10 FW no badge after IRAN KF1011 sep21



Royal Thai Air Force (AF)
TF20-14/63/40216       aug21
Bell 412
H6Kh-1/25   wfu 19oct21 33035  
H6Kh-2/25   wfu 19oct21 33039  
Bell 412SP
H6Kh2-1/34   wfu 19oct21 36010  
H6Kh2-2/34   wfu 19oct21 36021  
H6Kh2-3/34   wfu 19oct21 36025  
(H13-4/..)/20304 Airbus Helicopters at Donauworth as D-HCBJ 2155 jul21
(H13-5/..)/20305 Airbus Helicopters at Donauworth   jul21
(H13-6/..)/20306 Airbus Helicopters at Donauworth   sep21
(H11-10/64/)/20310 o/o   3092  
(H11-11/64/)/20311 o/o ex F-ZWDJ   sep21
Royal Thai Army (AR)
075 21st AvBat ex HS-RXA 18283075 aug21
076 21st AvBat ex HS-RXB 18283075 aug21
077 21st AvBat ex HS-RXC 18283076  
Royal Thai Survey Department (RTSD)
Beech 350i
93311   ex N1227K FL1227 sep21


Latin America


Força Aérea Brasileira (AF)
5524 Guaramiranga ex 1°/16°GAv BX025 oct21
4101/01 CEV correction, not 4001   sep21



Defensa Anti-Aérea y Fuerza Aérea Revolucionaria (AF)
06   f/n   photo
37   f/n   photo
46   f/n   photo
H-02 instructional Guanabo f/n, ex preserved Havana 31202 oct09
90   f/n   photo
46 preserved Santa Clara f/n, gone by jul11   photo
105   f/n database   photo



Guyana Defence Force (DF)
Bell 412EPi
8R-MIA registered 14mar21 f/n, ex N840MT 37031 mar21



Fuerza Aérea Mexicana (AF)
2601 preserved Santa Lucia ex EA.203 669 sep21
Armada de México – Fuerza Aeronaval (NY)
Beech C90GTi
ANX-1196 ex N990TX c/n update LJ-1990  
AMHP-103 preserved El Moralillo (VER) ex active   jun21
Guardia Nacional - Policía Federal (PO)
PF-306/XC-CPF reregistered as GN-322 1142  
GN-322/XC-CPF f/n ex PF-306 1142 sep21
PF-307/XC-DPF reregistered as GN-307 1012  
GN-307/XC-DPF f/n ex PF-307 1012 sep21
PF-308/XC-EPF reregistered as GN-308 1022  
GN-308/XC-EPF f/n ex PF-308 1022 jun21
Fiscalía General de la República (GV)
Beech B200
XC-LMK to ? sold BB-1108 jun21
XC-LPY DGSA f/n, ex N735TG 161 dec18



Servicio Nacional Aeronaval (CG)
AN-139   c/n update 31451  
AN-145 ex N186MM c/n update 41534  
AN-146 ex N189MM c/n update 41535  



Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya (AF)
ETA = Escuela Técnica de Aeronáutica 'Tte. Cnel. José A. Rigoli'
Bell 212
034 o/o ex N845RL 30845 oct21
051 instructional ETA f/n, ex stored Montevideo/Intl Carrasco 'Gral. Cesareo L. Berisso' 12115 oct21
669 i/a ETA f/n ex Mus.Aeronáutica BG-224 oct21


Middle East


some Kuwaiti Air Force F/A-18Es. The photo was taken at Stennis IAP. in Bay St Louis Mississippi.On Sept 23, 2021.

Kuwait is in the process of receiving their F/A-18E. This flock consisting of 807, 815, and 822 were seen at Stennis Intl/Bay St. Louis, quite a catch! (23 September 2021, Carey Mavor)


Seen on 28th October in Stans: the first PC-24 for the Qatar Emiri Air Force (sn 247, QA 397), temporarily registered as HB-VZA, on the way to a test flight.(the Flag of Qatar in the tail and the description "Qatar Emiri Air Force" under the cockpit window are covered) - see the second picture of the original aircraft, dated 29th September).

Seen on 28th October in Stans: the first PC-24 for the Qatar Emiri Air Force, QA397, 247). It is temporarily registered as HB-VZA, ready to do a test flight. Meanwhile, the flag of Qatar in the tail and the description ‘Qatar Emiri Air Force’ under the cockpit window are now covered to hide its destination. (Stans/Buochs, 29 September 2021, Stephan Widmer)

saudi arabia

This morning. 30/09/2021, Royal Saudi Air Force RE3A, 1901, 19 Sqdn arrived at RAF Waddington for a night stop on the way to the USA for rework. This is a very rare beast in the UK and in fact this part of the world.

On the morning of 30 September 2021, Royal Saudi Air Force RE-3A, 1901 from 19 Sqdn arrived at RAF Waddington for a night stop on the way to the USA for rework. This is a very rare beast in the UK and in fact this part of the world. (1 October 2021, Martin Fox)


North America


Royal Canadian Air Force (AF)
CC-115 (DHC-5A)
115451 preserved Summerside (PEI) ex 442sq 5 sep21
CC-295 (C295MW-SAR)
295511 Airbus Defence f/n 204 sep21


United States

United States Air Force (AF)
78-0670/DM 354th FS ex 357th FS A10-0290 sep21
85-0074/DY 309th AMARG ex '9th BS' 34 27sep21
85-0077/WA 309th AMARG ex 17th WPS '17 WPS/CC' 37 05apr21
86-0093/EL 309th AMARG ex 37th BS 53 02jun21
86-0123/DY 309th AMARG ex 9th BS 83 14jul21
86-0132/DY 309th AMARG ex 28th BS 92 18may21
86-0135/DY 337th TES ex DY/28th BS, '53WG/337CC' 95 sep21
- o/o Gulfstream f/n 5567 aug21
74-1688 i/a Lakehurst ex 186th AS 382-4675 sep21
74-2065 pres Schenectady Empire State Aero-Science Museum 382-4667 sep21
74-2134 164th AS ex 118th AS 382-4735 sep21
84-0208 139th AS ex 142nd AS 382-5046 sep21
91-1231 142nd AS ex 165th AS 382-5278 aug21
91-1232 142nd AS ex 165th AS 382-5282 jul21
91-1233 142nd AS ex 165th AS 382-5283 jul21
91-1234 142nd AS ex 165th AS 382-5284 jul21
91-1235 142nd AS ex 165th AS 382-5285 aug21
91-1236 142nd AS ex 165th AS 382-5286 aug21
91-1238 142nd AS ex 165th AS 382-5288 aug21
While on a visit to Stratton ANG Base to photograph LC-130s.  I visited the Empire State Aerosciences Museum located on Schenectady County Airport (other side of the same airfield), near Albany, NY.  They have a very good collection of aircraft there.  The one aircraft that captured my interest was one of the Operation Credible Sport  YMC-130H 74-1686 going through restoration there. going through restoration there.
While on a visit to Stratton ANG Base to photograph LC-130s, Raymond Rivard visited the Empire State Aerosciences Museum located on Schenectady County Airport, near Albany, NY. They have a very good collection of aircraft there. Capturing the photographer’s interest was this Operation Credible Sport (ed. attempt to free hostages in Iran in 1980) YMC-130H 74-1686 being restored. (16 September 2021)
17-5867 181st AS ex 41st AS 382-5867 oct21
14-5805 67th SOS ex 9th SOS 382-5805 sep21
NWS UPD C 146 10 3077 WSAP Paya Lebar 10Sep21 Hans Jacobs
The fleet of USAF C-146s is quite active in Asia. Paya Lebar was visited by 10-3077 on 10 September 2021. (Hans Jacobs)
60-0333 351st ARS ex 92nd ARW 18108/T0427 sep21
63-7982 909th ARS ex 92nd ARW 18599/T0638 oct21
91-0478 157th FS ex WA 16th WPS CD-33 oct21
14-5101 60th FS ex HL/421st FS AF-102 oct21
14-5105 60th FS ex HL/421st FS AF-106 oct21
15-5124 60th FS ex HL/421st FS AF-115 oct21
18-5458/AK 355th FS del 09sep21 AF-286 sep21
18-5459/AK 355th FS del 09sep21 AF-287 sep21
19-5460/AK 355th FS del 09sep21 AF-288 sep21
19-5461/AK 355th FS del 19oct21 AF-289 oct21
19-5462/AK 355th FS del 19oct21 AF-290 oct21
19-5463/AK 355th FS del 19oct21 AF-291 oct21
19-5464/AK 355th FS del 19oct21 AF-292 oct21
19-5466/AK 355th FS del 25oct21 AF-294 oct21
19-5467/AK 355th FS del 25oct21 AF-295 oct21
19-5468/AK 355th FS del 25oct21 AF-296 oct21
19-5470/AK 355th FS f/f 06oct21 AF-298 oct21
19-5471/HL 421st FS f/n AF-299 oct21
19-5472 nmks   AF-300 oct21
19-5474/LN 495th FS f/f 25oct21 AF-302 apr21
19-5538/HL 4th FS del 06oct21 AT-19 oct21
19-5539/HL 4th FS del 06oct21 AT-20 oct21
19-5540/HL 34th FS del AT-21 oct21
89-26212/AV pres Aviano ex 56th RQS 701452 oct21
05-27051 210th RQS ex 129th RQS 70.... sep21
14-14483 512th RQS ex 413th FTS EDM-4/70... sep21
11-4159/CH 432nd Wing ex HO/9th ATKS PB-159 sep21
Yesterday 15 F15E’s arrived at RAF Lakenheath from the 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson. They included this Eagle, 88-1680/SJ carrying the unusual marks of the 4th Training Squadron which isn’t common on this side of the Atlantic. I am presuming that the deployment to the Middle East to take over from the current Lakenheath detachment is by the 336 FS as most of the crews were wearing yellow flight helmets.
On 4 October, fifteen F-15Es arrived at RAF Lakenheath from the 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson. They included this Eagle, 88-1680/SJ carrying the unusual marks of the 4th Training Squadron which is not common on this side of the Atlantic. Presumably, the deployment to the Middle East to take over from the current Lakenheath detachment, is by the 336th FS as most of the crews were wearing yellow flight helmets. (Martin Fox)
United States Army (AR)
Between 2 November 1984 and 8 November 1985, the United States Air Force in Europe accepted delivery of fourteen C-23A Sherpa transport aircraft. All were assigned to the 10th Military Airlift Squadron at Zweibrücken AB in what was then called West Germany. These aircraft became a common sight at all USAFE air bases in Europe and were perhaps best known by their call sign “Pockey”. After the end of the Cold War, the US military reduced their footprint in Europe and the 10th MAS seized flight operations and was deactivated on 31 March 1991.
C-17A 03-3119 183rd AS MS ANG, arr 27jul21 and dep 28jul21
unloaded HH-60M 20-21128, 20-21129 and 20-21130    
loaded UH-60A+ 83-23863, 84-23936 and 89-26163    
C-17A 06-6164 60th AMW arr 17sep21 and dep 18sep21
unloaded HH-60M 20-21131, 20-21132 and 20-21133    
loaded UH-60A+ 85-24446, 87-24614 and 87-26004    
Returning home
UH-72A A(-)/2-151st AVN SC ARNG 09-72091, 09-72094    
UH-72A Det.1 A/2-151st AVN VA ARNG 09-72124, 11-72227    
UH-72A B(-)/2-151st AVN FL ARNG 07-72039, 08-72044, 14-72318    
UH-72A Det.1 B/2-151st AVN NC ARNG 08-72048, 08-72049, 12-72246    
UH-72A Det.1 C/2-151st AVN GA ARNG 10-72133, 10-72135    
Deploying to the border region
UH-72A A(-)/1-376th AVN NE ARNG 07-72037, 12-72240    
UH-72A Det.1 A/1-376th AVN IA ARNG 08-72046, 09-72114, 12-72243, 12-72244    
UH-72A B(-)/1-376th AVN MO ARNG 09-72092, 12-72263, 13-72299    
UH-72A Det.1 B/1-376th AVN IL ARNG 12-72268, 12-72269    
A/1-5th AVN = Polk AAF, Fort Polk (LA)
4-6th CAV = currently deployed to South Korea
6-6th CAV = Wheeler Sack AAF, Fort Drum (NY)
2-10th AVN = Wheeler Sack AAF, Fort Drum (NY)
B/3-10th AVN = Wheeler Sack AAF, Fort Drum (NY)
C/3-10th AVN = Wheeler Sack AAF, Fort Drum (NY)
1-14th AVN = Hanchey AHP, Fort Rucker (AL)
6-17th CAV = Butt AAF, Fort Carson (CO)
7-17th CAV = Hood AAF, Fort Hood (TX)
B/1-52nd AVN = Ladd AAF, Fort Wainwright (AK)
A/6-52nd AVN = NAS Fort Worth JRB
2-82nd AVN = Simmons AAF, Fort Bragg (NC)
Det.2 G/2-104th AVN = WI ARNG, AASF#1 West Bend MAP (WI)
B/1-106th AVN = IL ARNG, AASF Kankakee, Greater Kankakee Airport (IL)
G(-)/1-111th AVN = KS ARNG, AASF#1 Forbes Field Airport, Topeka (KS)
C(-)/1-112th AVN = WA ARNG, LAASF Fairchild AFB, Spokane (WA)
A/3-126th AVN = MA ARNG, AASF#1 JB Cape Cod, Camp Edwards (MA)
Det.1 G/3-126th AVN = DC ARNG, AASF Davison AAF, Fort Belvoir (VA)
1-130th AVN = NC ARNG, AASF#1 Raleigh-Durham IAP (NC)
Det.1 B/3-140th AVN = NV ARNG, LAASF North Las Vegas (NV)
Det.2 C/3-142nd AVN = ME ARNG, AASF Bangor IAP (ME)
1-150th AVN = NJ ARNG, AASF#1 Lakehurst, NAES Lakehurst-Maxfield Field (NJ)
1-151st AVN = SC ARNG, AASF#1 McEntire JNGS (SC)
B(-)/1-168th AVN = WA ARNG, ASF Lewis, Grey AAF, Fort Lewis (WA)
Det.1 C/1-169th AVN = OK ARNG, AASF#1 Muldrow AHP, Lexington (OK)
C/1-214th AVN = Grafenwöhr AAF (Germany)
C/2-224th AVN = MD ARNG, AASF Weide AHP, Aberdeen Proving Ground (MD)
1-229th AVN = Grey AAF, Fort Lewis (WA)
Det.2 C/2-238th AVN = SC ARNG, AASF#4 Greenville Donaldson Center Airport (SC)
1-501st AVN = Biggs AAF, Fort Bliss (TX)
B/2-501st AVN = Biggs AAF, Fort Bliss (TX)
C/2-501st AVN = Biggs AAF, Fort Bliss (TX)
3-501st AVN = Biggs AAF, Fort Bliss (TX)
AFTD = Aviation Flight Test Directorate at Huntsville (AL)
BEST = BEST Aircraft Consolidation Facility at 248 Dunlop Blvd, Huntsville (AL)
Boeing Mesa = Boeing at Mesa (AZ)
84-00463 stored Red Bank (NJ) ex stored Joint Base McGuire (NJ) SH3110 oct21
84-00467 stored Red Bank (NJ) ex stored Joint Base McGuire (NJ) SH3114 oct21
96-00110 A/6-52nd ex UC-35 det M-East 560-0420 aug21
07-08735 B(-)/1-168th AVN ex PA ARNG M8735 sep21
14-08167 B/2-501st AVN see note M8167 aug21
15-08193 B/3-10th AVN ex B/2-4th AVN M8193 jun21
16-08480 B/1-52nd AVN f/n M8480 aug21
86-24514 stored BEST ex C/2-224th AVN 701013 jun21
79-23269 to Afghanistan as 23269 ex stored BEST 70086  
81-23555 stored BEST ex nb 70276 jul21
81-23585 stored BEST see note 70306 sep21
81-23596 stored BEST ex Det.2 G/2-104th AVN 70318 sep21
81-23610 stored BEST ex C/2-224th AVN 70332 jun21
81-23614 stored BEST ex A/3-126th AVN 70336 jun21
81-23619 stored BEST ex G(-)/1-111th AVN 70341 jul21
82-23682 stored BEST ex Det.1 C/3-142nd AVN 70505 jul21
82-23695 stored BEST ex B/1-106th AVN 70518 sep21
82-23713 stored BEST ex A/3-126th AVN 70536 jul21
82-23739 stored BEST ex Det.1 C/1-169th AVN 70562 mar21
82-23760 stored BEST ex Det.1 G/3-126th AVN 70585 sep21
83-23863 stored BEST ex nb 70688 aug21
83-23878 stored BEST ex Det.1 A/1-169th AVN 70703 sep21
84-23955 Det.2 C/2-238th AVN ex nb 70780 aug21
84-23979 stored BEST ex A/1-150th AVN 70816 jun21
85-24390 stored BEST ex AFTD 70864 sep21
81-23604 to Afghanistan as 23604 ex std BEST 70326  
82-23863 dep to CONUS ex C/1-214th AVN 70688 jul21
84-23936 dep to CONUS ex C/1-214th AVN 70761 jul21
85-24397 dep to CONUS ex C/1-214th AVN 70873 2021
85-24446 dep to CONUS ex C/1-214th AVN 70935 sep21
87-24614 dep to CONUS ex C/1-214th AVN 701137 sep21
87-26004 dep to CONUS ex C/1-214th AVN 701214 sep21
89-26163 dep to CONUS ex C/1-214th AVN 701402 jul21
Some of the former C/1-214th AVN medevac Black Hawks have surfaced again with BEST at Huntsville (AL)
UH-60A+ 83-23863 offered to US Gvmt Agencies on 23aug21    
UH-60A+ 84-23936 offered for sale by auction via GSA in oct21    
UH-60A+ 85-24397 offered for sale by auction via GSA in jul21    
UH-60A+ 89-26163 offered for sale by auction via GSA in aug21 and again in sep21    
93-26481 A/1-5th AVN ex nb   jan21
98-26817 A/2-227th AVN c/n confirmed 702473 sep21
01-26879 Det.2 C/2-238th AVN ex nb   jan21
12-20504 C/2-501st AVN ex C/3-10th AVN 704146 jan21
..-20610 C/2-501st AVN ex nb   nov20
14-20681 C/2-501st AVN ex nb 704363 oct20
20-21128 C/1-214th AVN del 27jul21   jul21
20-21129 C/1-214th AVN del 27jul21   jul21
20-21130 C/1-214th AVN del 27jul21   jul21
20-21131 C/1-214th AVN del 17sep21   jul21
20-21132 C/1-214th AVN del 17sep21   jul21
20-21133 C/1-214th AVN del 17sep21   jul21
..-20043 3-501st AVN ex 2-10th AVN   feb21
..-20049 3-501st AVN ex 2-10th AVN   feb21
07-20050 3-501st AVN ex 2-10th AVN   feb21
07-20052 3-501st AVN ex 2-10th AVN   feb21
07-20056 3-501st AVN ex 2-10th AVN 703060 jan21
07-20060 3-501st AVN ex 2-10th AVN 703068 jan21
07-20066 3-501st AVN ex 2-10th AVN 703083 jan21
07-20067 3-501st AVN ex 2-10th AVN   jan21
..-20087 2-82nd AVN ex nb   sep21
92-26435 EAATS ex UH-60L   jul21
95-26662 EAATS ex UH-60L   jul21
00-26871 EAATS ex UH-60L   jul21
05-27042 EAATS ex UH-60L   jul21
04-05445 1-151st AVN ex 6-6th CAV PVD445 apr21
07-07036 1-501st AVN ex 6-17th CAV DUS036 jan21
09-05598 1-501st AVN ex nb PVD598 jan21
09-05614 4-6th CAV ex 2-6th CAV PVD614 jun21
09-05638 1-501st AVN ex nb PVD638 jun21
09-05661 4-6th CAV ex 2-6th CAV PVD661 jun21
09-05668 1-130th AVN ex 1-151st AVN PVD668 jun21
11-05701 4-6th CAV ex 2-6th CAV PVD701 jun21
11-05706 1-130th AVN ex 1-151st AVN PVD706 jun21
11-05711 4-6th CAV ex 2-6th CAV PVD711 jun21
12-09039 1-227th AVN f/n B3039 sep21
16-03088 7-17th CAV f/n NM088 apr21
16-03091 7-17th CAV f/n NM091 jun21
16-03103 7-17th CAV f/n NM103 sep21
17-03126 7-17th CAV f/n NM126 sep21
17-03127 7-17th CAV ex 1-101st AVN NM127 may21
17-03176/76D 1-14th AVN ex Boeing Mesa NM176 sep21
18-03200 7-17th CAV ex 1-229th AVN NM200 sep21
18-03206 7-17th CAV ex Boeing Mesa NM206 sep21
Air Order of Battle 1-229th AVN
16th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) Born In Battle      
229th Aviation Regiment (AVN) Winged Assault      
1-229th AVN (ARB)  Tigersharks      
A/1-229th AVN (AR)  Serpents      
B/1-229th AVN (AR)  Killer Spades      
C/1-229th AVN (AR)  Blue Max      
14-03009 B/1-229th AVN del jul20 NM009  
16-03081 C/1-229th AVN del jul20 NM081  
16-03082 A/1-229th AVN del jul20 NM082  
16-03105 C/1-229th AVN del jul20 NM105  
20-03310 C/1-229th AVN del jan21 NM310  
20-03311 C/1-229th AVN del jan21 NM311  
20-03312 B/1-229th AVN del 25jan21 NM312  
20-03313 C/1-229th AVN del 15jan21 NM313  
20-03315 C/1-229th AVN del 15jan21 NM315  
20-03316 B/1-229th AVN del 25jan21 NM316  
20-03317 C/1-229th AVN del jan21 NM317  
20-03318 B/1-229th AVN del 25jan21 NM318  
20-03319 C/1-229th AVN del jan21 NM319  
20-03320 B/1-229th AVN del jan21 NM320  
20-03321 B/1-229th AVN del 25jan21 NM321  
20-03322 A/1-229th AVN del 02mar21 NM322  
20-03323 A/1-229th AVN del mar21 NM323  
20-03324 A/1-229th AVN del 02mar21 NM324  
20-03326 A/1-229th AVN del 02mar21 NM326  
20-03328 A/1-229th AVN del 26mar21 NM328  
20-03329 A/1-229th AVN del 26mar21 NM329  
20-03330 B/1-229th AVN del 27mar21 NM330  
20-03332 A/1-229th AVN del 26mar21 NM332  
20-03333 B/1-229th AVN del 27mar21 NM333  
09-72111/11L 1-223rd AVN see note 9328 apr19
09-72118/18F 1-223rd AVN corr never coded 18G 9342  
12-72270 C(-)/1-112th AVN, ex Det.1 B/3-140th 9599 may21  
19-72429/29K 1-223rd AVN see note 9815  
19-72432/32H 1-223rd AVN see note 9818  
19-72441/41C 1-223rd AVN code confirmed 9828  
19-72443/43B 1-223rd AVN code confirmed 9830  
07-72031 1-223rd AVN ex C(-)/1-114th AVN MS ARNG 9165 by jul21
08-72058 1-223rd AVN ex Det.1 D/1-224th AVN VT ARNG 9221 08sep21
08-72061 1-223rd AVN ex B(-)/1-114th AVN TX ARNG 9211 20mar21
08-72062 1-223rd AVN ex C(-)/1-112th AVN WA ARNG 9223 15mar21
09-72085 1-223rd AVN ex A(-)/1-114th AVN AR ARNG 9277 by apr21
10-72139 1-223rd AVN ex D(-)/2-151st AVN MS ARNG 9370 16jun21
10-72157 1-223rd AVN ex Det.2 D/3-140th AVN CA ARNG 9399 30mar21
11-72189 1-223rd AVN ex D(-)/1-376th AVN NE ARNG 9447 by jun21
11-72193 1-223rd AVN ex Det.1 D/1-376th AVN OH ARNG 9453 may21
20-72464 AFTD del 07sep21   sep21
United States Navy (NY)
FRCSW = North Island Fleet Readiness Center South West
162155 North Island FRCSW ex 31/VRC-30 Det.5 35 oct21
162163/22 VRC-30 ex 630/VAW-120 43 sep21
a FA-18C recently transferred to NAWDAC from VFC-12/Fighting Omars. This aircraft carries an Arctic camouflage that VFC-12 has on a few of their jets, but is the first at Fallon.
This F/A-18C recently transferred from VFC-12 Fighting Omars to NAWDAC. It carries an arctic camouflage that VFC-12 has on a few of their jets, but is the first Hornet to carry this camouflage at Fallon. (20 September 2021, Nate Leong)
165781/AF-00 VFC-12 ex NJ-200/VFA-122 1526/E024 sep21
165786/AF-02 VFC-12 ex FRCSW 1536/E029 sep21
165788/AD-104 VFA-106   1540/E031 sep21
165867/AF-05 VFC-12 ex NJ-211/VFA-122 E043 sep20
165896/AF-04 VFC-12 ex NJ-216/VFA-122 E051 sep21
166422/AC-403 VFA-105 ex VFA-122 E067 sep21
166654/AC-401 VFA-105 ex AC-404 E117 aug21
166655/AD-101 VFA-106 ex AG-104/VFA-143 E118 sep21
166785/AD-114 VFA-106 ex AC-105/VFA-32 E131 sep21
166826/AG-407 VFA-136 ex AB-306/VFA-136 E145 jul21
166827/AG-410 VFA-136 ex AB-307/VFA-136 E146 jul21
169646/AB-301 VFA-34 ex AB-306 E308 sep21
169735/AB-222 VFA-211 ex AD-141/VFA-106 E310 sep21
169739/NE-303 VFA-192 f/n E314 sep21
169949 Boeing f/f 10sep21 E32. sep21
165808/AF-20 VFC-12 ex AD-221/VFA-106 1547/F034 sep21
165910/22 VFC-12 ex NJ-117/VFA-122 F056 aug21
165915/NJ-116 VFA-122 ex NA-403/VFA-94 F061 sep21
165917/AD-205 VFA-106 ex NA-/VFA-94 F063 sep21
166610/AD-210 VFA-106 ex AB-105/VFA-11 F103 sep21
166678/AJ-213 VFA-213 ex AJ-204, high vis markings F156 sep21
166815/AC-102 VFA-32 ex AJ-204 /FA-213 F188 sep21
168486/AG-206 VFA-103 ex AC-100/VFA-32 F260 sep21
168487/AG-207 VFA-103 ex AC-114/VFA-32 F261 sep21
168490/AG-202 VFA-11 ex AG-202/VFA-103 F264 sep21
169647/AB-11 VFA-11 ex AD-252/VFA-106, CAG c/s F277 sep21
169751/DD-302 VX-31 ex VX-23 F287 sep21
169973 VX-23 del 27sep21 F288 sep21
166900/AC-502 VAQ-130 ex AF-504/VAQ-209 G12 sep21
168250/NL-522 VAQ-135 ex NL-552/VAQ-131 G32 sep21
168271/NH-503 VAQ-142 ex NJ-544/VAQ-129 G53 sep21
168388/NL-554 VAQ-131 ex NL-512/VAQ-138 G74 sep21
168775/NH-501 VAQ-142 ex AF-505/VAQ-209 G89 sep21
169127/AB-504 VAQ-137 ex NL-511/VAQ-138 G118 sep21
the Wizards CAG bird showing off the Squadrons colors of Black and Maroon on a ribbon in front of the cockpit wrapping around  the fuselage, and on the Tail.It appears that VAQ-133/Wizards has updated their squadron markings.  Traditionally, they had the pitchfork and an atom symbol, but now, there is a skull with the pitchfork protruding from its mouth and the atom on its forehead.
The Wizards CAG bird showing off the Squadrons colors of black and maroon on a ribbon in front of the cockpit wrapping around the fuselage. It appears that VAQ-133 Wizards has updated their squadron tail markings. Traditionally, they had the trident and an atom symbol, but now, there is a skull superimposed over that pitchfork, and the atom is on its forehead. (NAS Fallon, 20 September 2021, Nate Leong)
169799/NE-400 VFA-147 del CF-55 oct21
F-35C from VX-9/Vampires at NAWS China Lake and this immaculate Lightning II was flying in the current Top Gun class.
This F-35C Lightning II comes from VX-9 Vampires at NAWS China Lake (CA). It participated in the current Top Gun class. (NAS Fallon, 20 September 2021, Nate Leong)
23585/62 for sale ex USNTPS 70306 oct21
167031/J121 Jacksonville FRCSE ex NF-701/HSM-77 7037.. sep21
167064/AJ-707 Jacksonville FRCSE ex AJ-707/HSM-70 703945 sep21
168082/AG-07 HSM-46 ex HQ-764 704... sep21
168144/NE-704 HSM-78 ex NA-712/HSM-73 704840? sep21
168148/NG-702 HSM-71 ex NA-702/HSM-73 704845? oct21
166324/BR-44 HSC-28 ex AB-616/HSC-11 702836 sep21
166330/NW-302 HSC-85 ex NH-3/HSC-6 7028.. oct21
166360/HU-727 HSC-2 ex HU-705 7029.. aug21
167853/NF-620 HSC-12 ex AB-610/HSC-11 7032.. sep21
168530/60 HSC-21 ex NA-610/HSC-6 703810 sep21
168539/NW-300 HSC-85 ex NA-617/HSC-15 703928 oct21
170139/E-611 TAW-5 del 19oct21 15802 oct21
170142 Leonardo f/n 15805 jun21
168428/428 VP-1 ex LL-428/VP-30 40808/3612 oct21
169328/RD-328 VP-47 ex PD-328/VP-9 62294/6244 sep21
169545/LK-545 VP-26 ex 545/VP-30 64076/7184 sep21
163650/F-600 VT-86 ex F-615, special c/s A052 sep21
167087/B-237 TAW-2 w/o 19sep21 202/C119  
169447 VRM-50 del D2013 sep21
United States Marine Corps (NY)
FRCE = Cherry Point Fleet Readiness Center East
166712 H&HS Cherry Point ex H&HS Futenma 560-0672 sep21
170271/BH-271 VMGR-252 del 382-5923 sep21
164630/47 NAWDC ex NE-423/VFA-34 1047/C259 jun21
165176/VE-15 VMFA-115 ex AJ-407/VFA-37 1297/C401 oct21
165225/WK-14 VMAF(AW)-224 ex XE-303/VX-9 1411/C450 sep21
165399/200 VMFA-312 ex NE-434/VFA-34 1420/C456 oct21
164685 nmks ex FRCE 1118/D098 oct21
168727/VM-29 VMFAT-501 ex VK-15/VMFA-121 BF-29 jul21
169025/VM-40 VMFAT-501 ex VM-25 BF-40 sep21
169165/225 VMFA-225 ex DC-122/VMFA-122 BF-45 oct21
169169/VM-49 VMFAT-501 ex VK-05/VMFA-121 BF-49 sep21
169296/CE-04 VMFA-225 ex VK-10/VMFA-121 BF-54 sep21
169412/CE-06 VMFA-225 ex DC-06/VMFA-122 BF-57 sep21
169590/00 nmks ex DC-03/VMFA-122 BF-65 oct21
169591/VM-66 VMFAT-501 ex VM-30 BF-66 sep21
169592/VM-67 VMFAT-501 ex VM-31 BF-67 sep21
169593/VM-68 VMFAT-501 ex VM-32 BF-68 sep21
169612/DC-02 VMFA-122 ex DC-53/VMM-164 BF-76 sep21
169616/DC-03 VMFA-122 ex DC-54/VMM-164 BF-80 sep21
169617/VK-03 VMFA-121 ex VK-05 BF-81 sep21
169619/DC-09 VMFA-122 ex DC-56/VMM-164 BF-83 sep21
169697/DC-05 VMFA-122 del BF-112 sep21
169786/DC-06 VMFA-122 del BF-113 sep21
169795/DC-08 VMFA-122 del BF-116 oct21
169912/MV-51 VMX-1 del BF-119 sep21
169914/MV-53 VMX-1 del BF-121 oct21
169915 LMTAS f/f 04oct21 BF-122 oct21
167807/HF-82 HMLA-269 ex SE-02/HMLA-469 55115/Y27 jun17
167999/UV-.. HMLA-267 ex VT-09/HMLA-367 55127/Y39 oct21
168508/HF-91 HMLA-269 ex EH-30/VMM-364 55172/Y84 sep21
168784/SN-34 HMLA-169 ex SN-02 55181/Y93 sep21
168797/SM-10 HMLA-369 ex SN-09/HMLA-169 55194/Y106 jun21
169236/YW-34 VMM-165 ex SE-12/HMLA-469 55227/Y139 sep21
168804/SN-00 HMLA-169 ex UV/HMLA-267 59212 sep21
168965/YW-47 VMM-165 ex UV-48/HMLA-267 59222 sep21
169255 HMLA-267 ex VT-22 HMLA-367 592.. sep21
169821/TV-27 HMLA-167 f/n 592.. sep21
169833/HF-69 HMLA-269 del 592.. jun21
169849/HF-72 HMLA-269 f/n 592.. sep21
161179/YF-179 HMH-462 ex YK-179/HMH-466 65418 sep21
161180/EN-01 HMH-464 ex EN-40 65419 sep21
161541/EG-2. VMM-263 ex CJ-09/HMH-461 65462 sep21
162479 HMH-... ex YS-22/VMM-162 65491 oct21
165247 FRCE ex EN-24/HMH-464 65641 sep21
169662 Sikorsky f/f 22sep21 95... sep21
163868/WL-21 std Cherry Point ex VMA-311 176 sep21
165006/WE-51 VMM-165 ex WE-09/VMA-214 262 sep21
165311/KD-46 VMAT-203 ex WL-311/VMA-311 269 sep21
165385 nmks ex WE-02/VMA-214 280 sep21
165566/KD-45 VMAT-203 ex WE-12/VMA-214 303 sep21
165574/CG-06 VMA-231 ex EH-54/VMM-264 311 sep21
166687/YM-03 VMM-365 SP-MAGTF-CR A D0081 oct21
167913/YM-12 VMM-365 SP-MAGTF-CR A D0124 oct21
168018/YR-18 VMM-161 ex YP-06/VMM-163 D0148 oct21
168228/YM-06 VMM-365 SP-MAGTF-CR A D0178 oct21
168295/YW-04 VMM-165 ex GX-22/VMMT-204 D0212 sep21
168326/EG-09 VMM-263 ex FRCE D0229? sep21
168329/GX-14 VMMT-204 ex EH-00/VMM-264 D0232? aug21
168344/YZ-17 VMM-363 ex YZ-11 D0247? sep21
168602/YM-13 VMM-365 SP-MAGTF-CR A D0257 oct21
168616/11 nmks ex YW-10/VMM-165 D0271? jan21
168622/YM-10 VMM-365 SP-MAGTF-CR A D0277? oct21
168670/PF-13 VMM-364 ex YR-03/VMM-161 D0330 mar21
168673/YM-14 VMM-365 SP-MAGTF-CR A D0333 oct21
168678/YZ-07 VMM-365 ex YL-06/VMM-362 D0338 sep21
168695 Bell-Boeing f/n D03xx oct21
United States Coast Guard (CG)
2708 Sacramento ex Elizabeth City 4161 oct21
2313 Cape Cod ex Corpus Christi C202 oct21
2317 Corpus Christi ex Cape Code C210 sep21

Credits: FAUnaticos, Clive Bartram, Danny Bonny, Ian Carroll, Pete Cole, Juan Cosmo da Penha, Edwin de Greeuw, Damiano Gualdoni, Joris Heeren, Andy Marden, Daniele Mattiuzzo, Alan Nightingale, Jeff Rankin, Jos Stevens, Peter Weinert

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