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Post by SPL »

Wat is er verder nog geweest:

AB -> 10:13A D-ABBL, 22:58A D-ABBO
AF -> 13:50A F-GPXB, 16:44A F-GTAD, 19:22A F-GUGJ, 19:50A F-GTAH
AT -> 14:46A CN-RNW, 20:16A CN-RNV
AY -> 21:40A OH-LEK
BE -> 16:17A G-EMBL, 16:45A G-JECE, 20:01A G-JECP, 20:11A G-JEDP
CAI -> 19:39A TC-TJD
CY -> 13:34A 5B-DBB
CZ -> 19:57A B2058
EI -> 08:52A EI-CPC, 09:08A EI-DEB, 12:09A EI-CVC, 14:02A EI-CPE, 17:02A EI-DEL, 19:54A EI-DEE, 20:01A EI-DVF
EK -> 18:00A OO-THB
FI -> 12:53A TF-FIY
FV -> 09:33A EI-CDH
GTI -> 20:12A N496MC
IB -> 11:18A EC-JNI, 15:53A EC-HDP, 18:29A EC-FQY, 21:53A EC-IIG
JU -> 10:37A YU-ANJ
KD -> 13:58A EI-DJK
KF -> 19:35A OH-SAI
KM -> 19:33A 9H-AEP
KQ -> 18:33A 5Y-KQT
LO -> 10:11A SP-LGE, 19:16A SP-LDB, 22:14A SP-LKF
LY -> 11:54A 4X-EBU
MA -> 09:18A HA-LOK, 11:27A HA-LOB, 13:50A HA-LOD, 17:07A HA-LOB, 20:33A HA-LOK
MH -> 19:18A 9M-MPR
MS -> 15:04A SU-GBT
MSC -> 19:49A SU-BPU
NE -> 14:36A OM-NGG, 20:24A OM-NGC, 19:45A OM-NGE, 20:57A OM-NGL
OA -> 11:50A SX-BKC
OK -> 08:28A OK-LEE, 14:15A OK-XGC, 18:46A OK-GEB, 20:19A OK-CGI
PO -> 14:38A N451PA
SK -> 09:34A OY-KHE, 15:30A LN-RCT, 16:30A LN-RMR, 19:48A LN-ROR, 19:32A LN-RPB, 19:31A LN-RCW, 21:28A LN-ROM
TE -> 08:54A LY-AZY, 13:37A LY-SBD, 18:52A LY-SBQ
TP -> 18:56A CS-TMW, 22:09A CS-TPM
TK -> 10:16A TC-JFH, 16:17A TC-JME
US -> 08:05A N251AY
XG -> 12:35A EC-KFI, 20:32A EC-ICU, 21:17A EC-GRE
XQ -> 20:45A TC-SUH

Oost: 15:55A N900GB, 18:07A PH-ILA, 18:55A PH-EVY, 19:30A PH-LSV, 20:14A N249SR, 22:51A PH-JNE

Groeten Martijn
*just doing my thing*
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Post by Burry »

someone for the AFR/RGI Emb135 that departed at around 16:30???
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Post by T7 »

Burry wrote:someone for the AFR/RGI Emb135 that departed at around 16:30???
F-GOHA according ciss.
Regards, Ab
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