EHGR 01.04.2020

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jimmy van drunen
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EHGR 01.04.2020

Post by jimmy van drunen »

12:10LT H.145 'Lifeliner5' PH-HOW overhead

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Re: EHGR 01.04.2020

Post by Pauljos2001 »

Actieve locals:
Q-24 REDSKIN32 (V.M.) - REDSKIN33 (N.M. TOT 13:59 Lt)
Q-04 REDSKIN31 (V.M.) - REDSKIN42 (N.M. vanaf 13:54 Lt) en REDSKIN41 (van 14:36 tot 16:29Lt)
D-662 GHOST7
17:05Lt kwam S-456 NAF456 binnen.
regards, P.
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