Stavanger Sola Airshow 9-6-2018 (almost mid-air collission)

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Stavanger Sola Airshow 9-6-2018 (almost mid-air collission)

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during this airshow, situated at the local flightclub, all flying activities for the airshow were between the regular take-offs and landing of the civil traffic for Stavanger.

Around 15:00, there was a formation flight between a Catalina and a Spitfire. they were told to stay west of the field, because of the landing of a CRJ-900 of SAS. but for now, it is not clair what happened, but they were going directly to the landing CRJ-900. People with scanners should have heard that the captain of CRJ-900 shouted: Catalina break right. on a video can been seen that the Catelina made a break to the right, but the Spitfire followed his path. the CRJ-900 cancelled their landing and made a go through in order to prevent a collision with the Spitfire. Everything went well, and the CRJ-900 should have land later on another runway. on board was the Norwegian female soccerteam.

newsitem (in Norwegian language): ... re-pa-sola
Greetz, Ronald

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