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leonard van T
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Re: Log Bastille Day & Others

Post by leonard van T »

ben_sadler wrote:Excellent my friend many thanks.

Do you have a list of departures and times at Creil?


Creil depatures 14th july 13:35-14:10 local time;
2002/BHI Tigre HAP
6002/BJB Tigre HAD
6019/BJS Tigre HAD

the Tigers escaped just before we reached the base. So not checked by us.

2293/CGJ AS-532UL
2375/CHC AS-532UL
2443/CGW AS-532UL
1401/EBE NH90-TTH
1428/EBL NH90-TTH
1429/EBM NH90-TTH
1430/EBO NH90-TTH
4084/GBJ SA-342M
4207/GEC SA-342Ma

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Re: Log Bastille Day & Others

Post by ben_sadler »

Excellent log many thanks mate. That confirms that the following were the choppers at Creil;

3 Tigres BHI BJB BJS
2 Gazelles GBJ GEC

I’m not sure where the spare one of each positioned themselves for the flypast, there was obviously a spare Gazelle, AS532, NH90 and Tigre somewhere?

One of the other NH90 EAZ was centrally used for demonstrations.

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Re: Log Bastille Day & Others

Post by falcx »

Shortly after the defilé EC725 Caracal SK departed Villacoublay together with a second EC725 coded SA. Couple minutes later NH90 NFH "23" departed too.

Hans van Herk
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Re: Log Bastille Day & Others

Post by Hans van Herk »

ben_sadler wrote:All,

A quick log from the flypast & others corrections welcome;

Bastille Day Flypast;
PdF Alphajets
[E169] 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

ZK343 Typhoon FGR4
ZK368 Typhoon FGR4
126/30-GE Rafale C
142/30-GU Rafale C

135/30-GN Rafale C
[141]/30-GT Spcl Rafale C

The 2000Bs didn’t make it up from Evreux for this formation

2 E-2 Hawkeye
4 Rafale M
26 Rafale M
37 Rafale M
42 Rafale M

[0095] F-RBAP A400M
[128] CN235
199 CN235

F-UJCG/ 041 A330MRTT
[F-RAFC/231] Falcon 2000LX

Only the one Falcon in the end

54+07 A400M

203/36-CC E-3F
71/2-EE Mirage 2000-5F
146/7-GY Rafale C

475/31-CF C-135FR
46/2-EN Mirage 2000-5F
315/4-HK Rafale B
341/4-FH Rafale B
352/4-FS Rafale B
356/4-FW Rafale B

The formation of C135 and 4 2000D and 2 more Rafales was scrubbed. Another C135 - 525 was holding so not sure what happened here?

28 Atlantique NG
5 Falcon 50

[0053] F-RBAK A400M
R212/64-GL C160R
[5890]/61-PR C130J

F-ZBMH/75 DHC-8 - Sec Civilie
F-ZBFX/34 CL415 - Sec Civilie

[2802]/SK EC725 Caracal
[0747]/JDE EC135T2 - Gendarmerie
[9127]/JBI EC145 - Gendarmerie
F-ZBPA EC145 - Sec Civilie

[1401] EBE NH90TTH
[1429] EBM NH90TTH
1430 EBO NH90TTH

[5399]/VG AS555AN Fennec
[5445]/VQ AS555AN Fennec

318 SA365F1 Dauphin
362 AS565SA Panther
23 NH90NFH

[6002]/BJB Tigre HAD
6019/BJS Tigre HAD
4207/GEC SA342Ma Gazelle

[1428]/EBL NH90TTH
[2293]/CGJ AS532UL Cougar
[2375]/CHC AS532UL Cougar

Numerous Fennecs and PC21s were also flying around the city from Villlacoublay, a call was made to get many returning;
01/709-FC PC-21
02/709-FD PC-21
05/709-FG PC-21

Note that FG was pinging as FC, FD as FF on ADSB, so they weren’t reliable for anybody taking them off radar apps.

FH & FF were also present not seen by me.

[5430]/VL AS555AN Fennec
[5466]/VW AS555AN Fennec
[5490]/VY AS555AN Fennec
[5536]/WK AS555AN Fennec

The Mirage 2000N, MS760, and new Gazelle and Puma preserved were also noted.

We didn’t bother with Creil, but there were at least 2 X NH90s, 1 x AS532UL & 1 x Tigre extra, accordingly they should have been...

EAZ + 1 reported as EBH?, ? , BHI

Toussus Le Noble;
2789/SJ EC725R2 Caracal - outside

In the hangar and seen from the back;
[2327]/CGT AS532UL Cougar

On the airfield was;
[90] F-AYXG Epsilon

Paris Le-Bourget;
14+07 Bombardier BD700 - German Airforce
5N-HAR Citation 560 - Nigerian Police
98-0001 C32A - USAF

Dasault Round House;
MM62029 Falcon 50 - Italian Airforce
I-DIEM Falcon 900LX - Italian Government


Flickr Account - Ben_Sadler
We photographed PC-21 01/709-FC at 09:24 hrs LT along the projected route of the flypast. The aircraft pinged as 709-FG on adsb.

Hans van Herk
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Re: Log Bastille Day & Others

Post by ETNG83 »

Antilliaan wrote:Thanks Ben,

great log, some additions:

Alpha Jets
as I read them: F-URHX/1 (your E169), F-TELC/2, F-UGFC/3, F-TEMS/4, F-TELP/5, F-TEMA/6, F-TETD/7, F-UHRT/8, F-UGFM/9

Le Bourget:
Falcon 900 TR-LEX Gabon Gvmt (primer outside)
Falcon 900 5N-FGU Nigeria AF (inside Falcon services)

30 CM170 fuselage under shed
90 Epsilon in hangar (cartouche dore colours).
Can yo specify where you read F-AYYG please?
One Correction on E169 it must be the F-UHRX!One question: Someone can confirm for the F-UGFM/9 the serial E105?

Thx for help
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