EHVK 21-10-2016

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Re: EHVK 21-10-2016

Post by maki »

Saw on Facebook that Thursday is a reserve day?
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Re: EHVK 21-10-2016

Post by KeesvA »

The Dutch F-16's today were:
J-003 nb
J-005 312
J-021 322
J-055 nb
J-063 313
J-512 nb
J-514 313
J-641 nb

Did the HAF C-130H departed? I stayed untill 16.30 hrs. It was still on the ramp then.

Grz. KeesvA
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Richard de Florennes
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Re: EHVK 21-10-2016

Post by Richard de Florennes »

VOLKEL FRIDAY 2016-10-21 (mainly)RW24R
Weather: scattered/broken clouds, light haze, sunny spells, light wind

F-16AM 313 Sqn J-514 L11:44
F-16AM 313 Sqn J-641 no badge L11:45
F-16AM 312 Sqn J-005 L11:46

F-16C+ 335 MPK 011 L11:57 a1
F-16D+ 335 MPK 027 L11:49 a0

F-15E 48thFW 01-2003/LN rd/wt L12:00 a0
F-15E 48thFW 96-0201/LN rd/wt L12:35 a1

F-16AM 313 Sqn J-055 no badge L12:02
F-16AM 313 Sqn J-003 no badge L12:08
PC-7 131 Sqn L-06 A14:48

F-16C+ 335 MPK 011 T14:45
F-16D+ 335 MPK 027 T14:45
F-16C+ 335 MPK 015 T14:45

C-130H 356 MTM 751 T17:05
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