ETAR 17-08-2021 MIL

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ETAR 17-08-2021 MIL

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Noted the following here, units only as marked even if well-known:

94-0066 C-17A 62/446AW McChord gn arr
98-0057 C-17A 105AW NY ANG Stewart bk nose art "Duty-Honor-Country" dep
99-0062 C-17A 437/315AW Charleston y dep
00-0183 C-17A 145AW NC ANG Charlotte bl arr
02-1105 C-17A 62/446AW McChord gn arr
04-4136 C-17A 305/514AMW McGuire bl arr
03-3120 C-17A 62/446AW McChord gn dep
06-6164 C-17A 60/349AMW Travis wh arr/dep "Spirit of Vallejo"
07-7171 C-17A 305/514AMW McGuire bl dep
07-7172 C-17A 60/349AMW Travis wh arr/dep
07-7177 C-17A 436/512AW Dover bl dep
07-7178 C-17A 437/315AW Charleston y arr
08-8202 C-17A 62/446AW McChord gn arr/dep

92-1451 C-130H 182AW IL ANG Peoria or local trng

58-0100/D KC-135R r/w/b RAF Mildenhall badge, nose art "Hundred Proof" local mission

95-0121/GA E-8C bk arr fm mission

08-20170 HH-60M dep 170 noted, tracked on ADSB as AE47B2
08-20171 HH-60M dep 171 noted
these departed together, two more were reported seen on the ramp

84-43 CH-53G arr/dep
84-91 CH-53G arr/dep

C-21A USAFE bl
84-0083, 84-0085, 84-0096


C-130J-30 86AW /RS bl/wh
07-4635, 07-8608*, 07-8609*, 07-8614, 08-8603-37AS, 16-5840*, 15-5822, 16-5883
* with invasion stripes and also marked W7 on the left-hand side

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