EHEH 07-09-2021 MIL

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EHEH 07-09-2021 MIL

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LOG EHEH Falcon Leap 09:45LT-15:40LT

MMF81 A330 MRTT T-057 MMU - ATD 10:57LT, ATA 17:36LT

WACO11 C-130H G-781 336 SQ Special c/s - ATD 09:45LT, ATA 11:18LT
WACO12 C-295M 025 13 el. - ATD 09:45LT, ATA 11:19LT

WACO21 C-130H G-781 336 SQ Special c/s – ATD 13:50LT, ATA 15:39LT
WACO22 C-130J-30 MM62191/ 50 Gr. AMI – ATD 13:50LT, ATA 15:39LT
WACO23 WACO24 2x C-130J-30 11-5748 16 5834 317AW – ATD 13:50LT, ATA 15:39LT

BAF195 SF-260D ST-41 CC AIR TGO 13:35LT

C130J-30 15-5826 317AW
C-130H G-273 336 SQ
C-130H G-988 336 SQ
KDC-10 T-235 334 SQ Special c/s – parked hot cargo
A330 MRTT T-058 MMU
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